Ways to Make This Monday A Bit More Tolerable

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To some, 48 hours may not seem like that much time. However, when it’s quitting time on Friday afternoon, the next 48 hours can’t come quick enough, and the things you plan to do within that time seem endless. Sadly, the harsh reality of Monday morning hits us in the same amount of ticks on the clock, but it always comes too soon, and leave us wanting more of the weekend. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven and tested that Monday mornings—especially those after a fun-filled, stress free weekend—actually take their toll on the way in which we act, feel and our health as a whole.

For many who dread Mondays, it often seems like there’s nothing to be done to make it enjoyable, to help you smile and even, dare I say, look forward to the day in any way. Well, this actually isn’t the case, as there are a number of ways that you can have high hopes, great anticipation and even a boost in health when it comes to the first day of the work week. Take a look at some of these tips and trick that you can incorporate into your life to help your Mondays be more enjoyable.

Wait to Get Plugged In

It should come as no surprise to you that we as a nation are plugged in, connected and ready to go from the moment we wake up. Checking your email, texting, calling and being glued to any form of technology first thing in the morning, especially on a Monday, may be the reason that your work week gets off to a not so great start. Avoid your inbox in the morning, do things that don’t causer you stress, and ease into the busy day ahead.


It may sound simple, it may sound like this is something that nobody should be reminded to do, but you’d be surprised at the staggering number of people that just don’t take the time to eat anything in the morning. Start the day off right by fueling your system. Food will put you in a better mood, it’ll make you more alert, and you’ll have a more productive day.

Get Moving

Now, this may not be overly appealing, but the health benefits are second to none. An early morning workout may be hard, as dragging yourself out of bed after a busy weekend can be difficult, but once you get into the habit, you’ll really start to see the benefits in a number of ways. A nice morning sweat can actually increase your energy for the day, it gets both the body and the mind going, which can lead to a much happier you.

Get Out On Time

Maybe not the hardest of things to do, as Monday’s typically seem to drag on forever, but many people take on the philosophy that the first day of the week should set the tone for the remainder of the week. As true as this is, this doesn’t mean that you should be stuck in the office or staying late each Monday. If you can, get out on time, save your brain, and don’t let unnecessary stress affect you. Prioritize your time effectively and you’ll be just as successful in the long run.