Turning Classic Kid’s Games Into Drinking Games Is Too Fun Not To Try

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Chess set Glasses with juice on a chessboard

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Board games and card games are fun, especially when you’re looking for a reprieve from the normal activities that keep you occupied like the television or your cell phone. A nice family game of monopoly, or a fierce game of War, are all things that our childhood most likely consisted of when we were holed up inside on a rainy day, or spending the day at grandma’s. As we age, we typically tend to shy away from board games or games that we used to play on the playground in grade school, and for good reason. As adults, we usually have other interests, and games that involve brightly colored pieces or large dice don’t cross our paths as much as they used to.

In fact, as adult, your typical pastime probably includes being surrounded by other adults at a bar or restaurant, where an abundance of alcohol is flowing. We often associate having a good time with good food and a nice glass of an ice cold alcoholic beverage. Well, more and more people are looking to buck the trend and think outside the box when finding their escape or their new and exciting form of entertainment. Combining both drinking and the games we put away as children all those years ago is proving to be more fun than you had even as a child (after all, is it any surprise, when alcohol is added, most games become a little more fun). Since beer pong is pretty much off limits in small bar settings, or even your house as an adult, board games are the simplest solution to mixing it up and getting creative when it comes to new and exciting forms of fun. Take a look at some of these old favorites with a few tweaks and twists to the rules to incorporate drinking. (Remember, always drink responsibly and do not drink and drive)


It’s the game that you’ve all played, probably for far too long at any given time and probably ending in someone tossing the board, stealing money or dominating the market with houses and hotels. Everyone knows how to play, and everyone always wants to win. So, turning the rules on their head a little and adding booze can make for a much more joyous atmosphere. Since there are a number of squares that just lay dormant in the regular, game, why not play with the same rules but have squares like Free Parking and Community Chest become squares where a shot or a chug of a full drink happen instead? To up the ante, why not drink whenever you land on a utility or whenever you have to pay luxury or income tax. This should definitely end up a little differently than when you play with your grandparents.


Arguably one of the most frustratingly fun games that has ever been created, simply taking tiny pieces out of a patient on the operating table really shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. The buzzer sound is always there to remind you that you’ve failed at your attempt yet again, so throwing alcohol into the mix should bring with it even more fun times. Simply take a shot or a drink each time you hit the buzzer, and not only will the game get harder as you drink more, it’ll definitely become more fun too.


This game is actually pretty fun without the need for booze, but once again, adding alcohol will more than likely make it even more enjoyable. With boozy Jenga, simply write tasks on each of the blocks, and when they are pulled out, before you re-stack the block, you must do as the task says. Tasks can be anything from, “take a shot” to “chug your beer” or even “use the opposite hand for the rest of the game”. Get creative; this game can really be as fun as you make it.


Or as I like to call this, “battleshots”. It’s exactly what you think it is, and probably even more fun. Take the child’s board game of battle ships (thanks to technology you can even play on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc) and turn it into one of the most epic drinking games around. There are a number of ways to do this, and depending on how drunk you’d like to get, you can opt for any version. The simplest version would be to drink whenever your ship has been sunk, or if you’re really feeling brave, you can have each part of the ship be responsible for a shot or a drink. This means that if your ship that extends across the board five squares gets hit, each time you get hit, you’d take a shot. With a typical board having five ships of varying lengths, this could be quite the challenge.