16 Things People Need to Stop Saying

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Consider this an intervention, because if you’re using these words you should stop now. Seriously, people might be seriously judging you for abusing the English language like this.


Okay, so this word isn’t native to the English language, so we can almost give you a pass. But no, expresso is not really a thing. You’re thinking of espresso. Urban Dictionary defines expresso as “what is thought by the speaker to be espresso. A common mispronunciation by those hoping to appear sophisticated.”

Espresso is a type of coffee. Expresso is the name of various apps that perform various functions. Which would you rather have in the morning?


Irregardless has been around for nearly 100 years in the English language. That doesn’t make it a real word, though. Irregardless is often used in place of regardless and irrespective, and somehow combines the two into one, making it something beyond a malaprop.

Someone needs to put a stop to this.


Supposedly this would be cute if it were a kid using it, but if you’re a grown adult, cut that crap out.

Should of, could of, would of

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Instead of using these combinations of words, you should have paid better attention in school, because you could have impressed more people with your mad language skills, and would have sounded much more intelligent.

You came up short with these. ‘A’ for effort?


Okay, we get why people might want to use this one. It’s from the word conversation, so you just drop the -ion and turn it into a verb by adding an -e, right? Wrong. Sorry, but the word you’re looking for is converse. Oh, and don’t even try using conversate in the past tense either.

When you say this it makes us want to hurt you.

I could care less

Let’s break this one down. When you say “I could,” that means you are able to do something. You have the capacity to do whatever it is. Care means to show an interest in, having concern for something. Less, in this case, means to an extent that is not as great as it currently is.

So you’re saying that you are capable of having an interest or concern to a degree lower than it currently is. This kind of contradicts the implied meaning, which is that your level of giving a f**k is at its lowest point. Shoot for I couldn’t care less.


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Don’t make people think you don a tinfoil cap and believe in aliens probing you thoughts. You’re trying for foliage.

Vice-a Versa

Okay, so this one is used so much it almost should be a thing, but really it’s just another fetchVice versa is the actual saying.

You tried, but the rest of us are judging you.

Whole Nother

You’ve got a whole other problem if you’re using whole nother. This is another phrase that is nonstandard.

This one sticks out like a hit in the head.


Participator might sound a little bit like a superhero name, but it’s definitely not a word.

Don’t worry, you still get your participation ribbon for being a participant in this game called life.


What did you just say? You undoubtedly didn’t pay attention in English class.


We honestly have no idea why people think this is okay. Height. You using this word makes us want to leap from a great height and end it all.


Are you flustered, thus causing you to be frustrated 

This makes us want to rage.


You can misestimate, or estimate incorrectly. Misunderestimate would mean you intended to underestimate, but did so inaccurately. . .which is still just misestimate.

In Good Conscious 

Conscious, or consciousness, refers to being awake and aware of what’s going on. When you say, “I can’t, in good conscious sell you a pound of crack,” you’re really saying you can’t do it while you’re awake or aware of what’s happening.

We can’t, in  good conscience, let you get away with using in good conscious.


So, you’re full of Ruth? Or do you mean the opposite of ruthless? I guess that would mean you have an excess of pity and compassion for others? No, this isn’t a word. There is no right word. Just stop using it.