There’s a new marijuana tampon you should be using

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Yes, it’s true. Foria has created a new product that contains THC and CBD  from the marijuana plant to help reduce the pain resulting from menstruation. You’ll try anything that claims to help with period pain, but this? Hear me out.

The actual product is similar to a suppository that can be inserted vaginally or rectally. THC and CBD are two key active cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant, and are useful when treating certain types of pain. The capsules themselves contain only three ingredients: THC, CBD and organic cocoa butter. As seen on Foria’s website:

“Users have reported a significant decrease in the pain and discomfort often associated with menstruation. The cannabinoids directly impact the immune system and the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and surrounding smooth muscle tissues [1,2]. THC positively affects the nerves and assists in blocking out pain while also allowing for more pleasant signals to be received by the brain [4]. CBD works in the immune system by suppressing the mechanisms responsible for inflammation [3]. CBD also slows down electrical signaling to muscles and allows them to relax, thereby reducing cramping [3].”

Foria requires that buyers are Colorado or California residents and own a medical marijuana card. So, you’re out of luck if you live in a state that is still behind the times when it comes to the grass. Foria also carries a “pleasure spray” that contains similar ingredients, meant to be used during sexy time. Give that a try if you’re feeling frisky.

If you live in Colorado or California, why not give this a go? Especially if you struggle with period pain often, another option for relief is always welcomed. Let us know if you try this out!