The LICKI Brush lets you lick your cat without furballs

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Image: oksana2010/Shutterstock

It’s one small step for mankind, and one giant lick for pets everywhere. Meet the LICKI Brush, a silicone grooming tool in the shape of an oversized tongue with an attachment that a regular-sized human can hold in their mouth.

Yes, we’re serious. There’s an actual product in development that lets you lick, well, whatever you want. The same people who made SHRU, an interactive cat toy, obviously had cats on the brain when they developed the plan for their next invention. The Kickstarter site for the LICKI Brush claims that the product will bring people closer to their cats by simulating a licking sensation for them. Because obviously that’s what we were missing all this time.

Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding. There’s also evidence to suggest that cats view and treat their human captors as large cats. As a human, you’re left out of the intimate licking ritual. At best, you have a one-sided licking relationship with your cat.

This product isn’t available to own yet, but people are free to donate to the Kickstarter fund, which is currently at more than $10,000 of the $36,500 goal with almost 500 backers.

Packages are offered at various intervals of kitty mania beginning with the $15 *EARLY BIRD LICKI*  one brush pack that says you’re a “die-hard, early-bird, cat-loving individual,” and ending with the $124*CRAZY CAT-PERSON PACK* with 10 brushes. To the rest of the world, your purchase of this package says that “your friends call you a crazy cat-lady behind your back and you don’t even care. Maybe you’re not even a lady, maybe you’re a cat-daddy like Jason.” Jason O’Mara that is, co-owner of PDXPetDesign with his wife, Tara, and the Electrical Engineer and “Cat Entertainment Enthusiast” half of the married-duo behind SHRU and the LICKI Brush.

Now, go ahead and make some crazy cats happy. Just think, if you get ahead of the action and back this product now, you’ll get the honor of becoming a LICKI wall of fame inductee. We know that’s all you’ve ever wanted in life.