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The Hottest Jewelry Trend in Hollywood

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It’s official, Hollywood stars are going crazy for criss-cross rings. Also called the XO style, these rings have taken over not only the red carpet, but also become a staple for starlets in their everyday lives. We’ve spotted Jennifer Hudson, Ellie Goulding and Jennifer Lawrence showcasing this style everywhere.

What makes this ring so popular is its versatility. Celebrities love it because it’s feminine and delicate, which lends itself to dressing for formal events. The XO style is also casual and not at all gaudy, so it pairs well jeans, tanks, tees and patterned tunics. The versions that stars are wearing can run upwards of $6,000, but we’ve found a version at a much more respectable $58. If you’re wanting to get in on the latest jewelry trend but not spend thousands, check out the Ella XO Pave Ring at Joyus.com.

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