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The Best Wedding Gown Styles for Tall Brides

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backless sheath wedding gown with lace

The search for the perfect wedding dress is an exciting, yet sometimes completely overwhelming task. With so many options in various styles, it is not uncommon for a bride to be at a loss of where to even begin! The best place to start for any bride is figuring out what silhouette will flatter their body type the most. Not every dress will look amazing on every bride. What might have looked beautiful on your best friend may not be the best style for your body shape.

If you are a taller bride (with a long and lean body type) there are several dresses you will definitely want to try on and some you may want to avoid. The challenge is to be open to different options and try on several styles until you find the right fit for you! It may even require you to go outside your comfort zone. You never know, you just might surprise yourself!

Silhouettes for the Tall Bride:

  • A-Line- A-Line wedding dresses fit almost all body types. These elegantly simple and modest dresses feature a fitted bodice with a skirt that flares gently out from the natural waistline. The fitted bodice and fuller skirt create soft curves for the taller brides who often have little to no curves.
  • Ball Gown- Don’t let your height stop you from having your fairytale wedding! If you have always imagined yourself in a full ball gown, don’t hesitate to try one on! Often time ball gowns really suit taller figures as it adds shape to your lean figure. Look for a gown with a dramatic waistline or even one with a brooch or belt. This will help break up the body and add a feminine touch.
  • Mermaid- Modern and sleek, this style dress will hug your body in all the right places. The mermaid gowns are a great option for taller brides, especially with strapless or scooped necklines, because they will narrow broad shoulders and elongate the bodice and show off slim arms.
  • Sheath dress- Simple and lightweight yet modern and sleek, the sheath style dress is a another great option for tall brides. Designed to fall vertically from your shoulders down to your hips, the sheath style dress will accentuate your tall figure and give you an elegant and classic look.

Good News for the Tall Bride:

Most of the time, designers craft their beautiful wedding dresses with the tall and slender runway model’s figure in mind. Also, most floor length dresses hover around the 6-foot mark so that alterations in both directions are generally within a couple of inches. So while finding a normal outfit to wear on a daily basis may pose a challenge, the fashion industry actually leans in your favor on this one!