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The 5 Best Things for Women at This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show

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January. The beginning of a new year and time for the biggest annual consumer technology event in Las Vegas. Each year at the CES, new products are launched and manufacturers showcase their exciting innovations in technology to customers, the public, consumers, and journalists. This year we saw some products that are particularly of interest to women. Check out how these 5 can enhance daily life:

#1 Smart Shoes

Black and White Smart Shoe

We women love our shoes….and hate cold feet! Zhor Tech in France has developed intelligent shoes that work with an app on your smartphone. You can actually adjust the temperature of the shoe – fantastic news for those involved in winter sports, or even for just walking through snow and ice to go shopping, or running errands. The shoes can also analyze the movement and positioning of the foot during exercise to help in reducing strains and injuries, measure your steps during exercise, detect your location, and even detect accidents such as a fall or loss of consciousness.

#2 Hairmax

Hairmax Laserband

This next product is great for men and women who worry about hair-loss or feel that their hair is becoming thinner on top. Hairmax claims to have the solution! They have developed an arc of digital lasers that treat the scalp by energizing and revitalizing the hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth. The nourishing lasers are incorporated into a kind of hairband; this is placed over the scalp every night for 90 seconds. With its use, you should start to see results within months. Exciting for those struggling with hair loss!

#3 Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Have you ever stopped in the grocery store to pick up food for the fridge and forgotten what it was that you needed? Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator stores a photo of the inside of your refrigerator on your smartphone so you can check exactly what you have, even when you are out. The built in cameras take a photo of the inside of the refrigerator every time you close the door and this is then streamed to your phone. The refrigerator also provides a seamless shopping experience right from your kitchen, allowing you to choose what you want using the refrigerator’s touchscreen. This is just the beginning of the many exciting features associated with this product enabled by IoT technology.

#4 UA HealthBox

Under Armor Health Box

In competition with Fitbit, HTC has teamed up with Under Armor to provide a complete kit which monitors your health and fitness. The UA Healthbox gives you an accurate daily record of your calorie intake, exercise, and sleep. The kit includes; the UA Band, which functions as a watch, tracks your sleep and counts the number of steps you take; the Wi-Fi enabled UA Scale which feeds back to your smartphone; and the UA Heart Rate monitor. Great for those get-fit New Year resolutions!

#5 4MOMS Self-Installing Baby Seat

4 Moms Self Installing Car Seat

As statistics show, 70% of car seats are incorrectly installed, it’s about time someone came up with a solution. The 4MOMS app scans your vehicle identity number to locate the correct place to install the car seat in your car, then acts like a level so you can calibrate it and ensure you have the position right for your particular vehicle.

These are just five of what we see as some of the best products available this year to help make women’s lives that much easier, not to mention more comfortable and healthier.