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Suitcase travel hacks worth remembering

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Midsection of young woman packing suitcase on bed

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I’ve written about the struggles of packing a suitcase before, last time specifically on balancing the need to pack light with the desire to not run out of clean underwear. I’m back again, this time covering all the packing hacks you need to keep your packing easy and your luggage within the allotted weight range most airlines deem fair—which of course is not fair! That’s why these packing hacks are so awesome, because they’ll take a potentially problem area of travel and make it a total non-issue. Seriously, these travel hacks are so easy a 1960s traveler could use them (and they had it really easy back then).

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Dryer Sheets Keep Your Clothes Fresh

dryer sheet in suitcase

Image: Aboutamom

This is so simple! Just put a fresh dryer sheet in your suitcase. It will keep everything smelling great, aaaand you can use it to de-frizz your hair in an emergency.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Roll Your Clothes

Ladies Packed Suitcase (Top Down)

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Short on space? Don’t fold your t-shirts, roll them! You’ll be able to fit more of them in your luggage, leaving precious space for other things—like shoes.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Stuff Your Shoes

shoes stuffed with belts and other items

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The insides of your shoes is empty space, so why not shove something in them? Our favorite thing to recommend is to put fragile items inside your sturdiest shoes. Another favorite is to put your belt, rolled up, into shoes.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Pill Containers are Great for Jewelry

pill container with jewelry

Image: Wonderful Engineering

Earrings and ring-rings fit very nicely in most pill containers, and this little trick will keep you from packing an oversized jewelry case on top of keeping your valuables safe.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Glasses Cases for Chargers and Wires

If there is one thing travelers in the 20th century would have never understood, it is how painfully brutal it can be to pack the various chargers, wires and headphones we all travel with now. Problem. Solved.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Binder Clips Protect Razor Blades

Disposable Razor With Binder Clip to Protect Blade

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Never shave with a dull blade again while on vacation.

Suitcase Travel Hacks: Pack a Power Strip

full power strip

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People will love you if you do this! Seriously, charge people a dollar to plug into your powerstrip at airports and you can retire in no time. That’s capitalism!