Why you need to stop comparing yourself to others

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stop comparing yourself to others

We’ve all heard the saying “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Unfortunately, most of us still spend a majority of our time comparing ourselves to others. In this day and age, with sites like Instagram and Facebook, it’s hard to not compare yourself to the people around you. If you aren’t comparing your life, you’re probably comparing your body, and if you aren’t comparing your body, then you’re comparing your possessions. That person has better makeup than you. This person has the dog that you always wanted. Those people are at the concert that you wish you’d bought tickets for.

Comparison is bound to happen, and it’s difficult for us to control those dangerous thoughts. But make no mistake, it can be very harmful. So here’s why you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

It leads to low self esteem

We all compare ourselves, so I’m sure you’re familiar with this feeling. You go on Instagram and see all your friends living beautiful lives, and you suddenly think less of yourself or think you have to up your Instagram game. By comparing yourself to others, you lower your self-esteem and your self-image because you put yourself down. Stop comparing yourself to your friends and role models because you deserve to feel good about who you are! Remember, social media isn’t real life. It’s the highlight real.

It’s a waste of your time

What does comparison lead to? Nothing but bad things. You don’t get a reward or a new life, you just get sad. So stop wasting your own time! Stop spending so much of your time wishing you had a different body or a different job, and start living. If you stop comparing your life with others, you could be out there living that life that you want to have!

You don’t know the full story

Although social media may have kernels of truth in them, often you don’t know the full story of someone’s life. Instagram will only show you the best moments, when they’re wearing a huge gown or did their make-up for a photoshoot. Most people don’t cover the boring, frustrating, upsetting parts of their life on the internet. When you’re comparing yourself to these sites and profiles, you don’t notice the bad things that happen to your friends or your role models. Life isn’t easy for anyone, and everyone has something they’re struggling with. Stop comparing yourself to someone because you think their life is perfect – it isn’t.

Someone else wants to be you

While you’re sitting there comparing yourself to someone else, there’s another person on your profile thinking “Man, I wish I had their life.” Comparison is a vicious cycle, which means someone wants to be you. You may compare yourself to other people thinking your life isn’t great or how you wish you had a certain thing, but someone else thinks that about you. Why are you comparing yourself to other people when you could be living a dream life without fully realizing it? If you take a step back and really look at your life, you may find that you like it more than those people you envy. Stop comparing yourself and start counting your blessings!

You’ll support others instead of putting them down

When we compare ourselves to others, we tend to feel jealous towards them. This jealousy can turn us into vicious creatures. If you compare yourself to others, you may find yourself hating those others who have what you think you want. Stop comparing yourself so you can support these awesome people! Once you realize how happy you are with your life, you’ll stop wanting someone else’s. Then you can congratulate them on the great things they have going for them! Less comparison, more love!