How to get into the spring spirit for Groundhog Day

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It’s Groundhog Day today and while ole Punxsutawney Phil isn’t quite the weather predictor his reputation would suggest, there’s still only a few more weeks left of winter.

And that means that now’s a great time to start getting into the spring spirit.

How to get into the spring spirit for Groundhog Day

Spring cleaning

Spring is a great time to clean out all the clutter that’s been filling your home for the past year. And while winter is still here, why not get an early start?

Begin by getting everything in one place. Take clothes off the floor and move boxes of junk into a place where you can get through them a little more easily. Then you can find out what you need to keep and what you can get rid of.

There’s no better way to get ready for spring than to cut out the stuff you don’t need this year.

Get your garden ready

Spring is the time when everything begins to come back to life. And that makes it a great time to start planning what you’re going to plant this year in your garden.

And you can also start growing seeds indoors and move them to the garden once the ground thaws. There’s plenty of stuff that will be ready to go come March like tomatoes, basil, or lettuce.

Get your outfits ready

Spring’s a great time to start showing off some new outfits. The cold is gone, the snow has melted, and you can start busting out breezy dresses and bright colors.

That means that now’s the time to start planning your wardrobe for the first of the season. You can take the time to pick up the fashion pieces you need to pull your new look together. And you can start looking for more ideas on what will be in this year.

Here are a few ideas for this season that should give you some inspiration.

Spring Recipes

Spring is the time of year for new things, so why not try a few new seasonal recipes this year?

You could try these delicious carrot patch cupcakes:

carrot patch

Image: simple

Or these awesome-looking chicken strawberry spring rolls:

Chicken and strawberry spring rolls

Image: runner

Spring is a great time to try new things and with fresh ingredients becoming available again, you should get into the spring spirit by finding a new favorite food.

Watch Groundhog Day

What better way to celebrate Groundhog Day than to watch the Bill Murray classic by the same name?

The movie stars Murray as a sullen weatherman who is trapped repeating the same day over and over again and is one of the greatest movies ever.

So if you’ve never seen it, nows the time to correct that. And if you have, you should absolutely watch it again.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the arrival of spring this year, just remember that the start of the new season gives you the chance for a new beginning. So spend this year doing new things and becoming the kind of person you want to be.

That’s what spring is all about.