Spring 2017 fashion trends we love

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Neons, statement sleeves, florals, oh my! Spring is just around the corner (thank the heavens) and that means I get to crack back open my Vogues and see just what is going to be trending in fashion this season. Designers have the ability to influence trends seasons ahead of time by partaking in Fashion Week, whether it be in New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, oh my god whatever etc. (to quote Ryan Adams).

Last fall, we watched wide-eyed as many of the top designers displayed similar details among unique collections, giving us a glimpse into the future of spring 2017. And now, as spring is finally about to grace us with her presence, let’s take a look at the trends that will be filling our magazines and malls.

Pretty in pink

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Image: Vogue

From Balenciaga to Valentino, it’s obvious that pink is going to be a color we will be seeing everywhere this spring. And we aren’t talking subtle, ladies. Hot fuchsias and bright pinky-reds swept the runways in the form of trench coats, gowns, suits and more.

Sheer thing

2017 sheer runway trend, spring fashion

Image: Vogue

It’s no secret that sheer dresses were trending big time in 2016. I mean, we all remember Gigi Hadid’s sweetly-sheer gown that she wore on the red carpet before the AMAs this past year, or the plethora of sheer dresses that Kim Kardashian flaunted throughout the last 12 months. Lucky for women everywhere, sheer is still a thing, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Word up

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Image: Vogue

You may have noticed that words are making a comeback when it comes to fashion. Something that was once trivial and adored by American youths has taken over the runway. Graphics on tees, dresses, coats and swimwear are expected to be everywhere this spring, giving us a statement-worthy look.

Neon bright

trending spring fashion for 2017

Image: Vogue

Put away those neutral sundresses and dare to be bold this spring with a neon ensemble. Bright pops of color have dotted the runways and made their way into catalogs and department stores, giving us mere mortals the opportunity to dress like a Marc Jacobs model this spring.

Statement sleeves

2017 trend report statement sleeves

Image: Vogue

The statement sleeve has made a royal comeback for 2017, giving shape and bold form to slim-fitting clothing and jackets. Statement sleeves can be tricky to pull off in everyday life, but when done right they add just the right amount of shape to any body type. If Saint Laurent says so, so do I.

Square shoulders

2017 trend report square shoulders

Image: Vogue

Bold shoulders are trending for spring 2017, especially on tailored sport coats and trenches, creating an edgy and powerful look. This power-look is great for the office or for a night out on the town over a slip dress. This is one trend I will be happily joining in on.

Dream in white

2017 Trend report white dresses, dreamy

Image: Vogue

Whether you prefer Sonia Rykiel’s dreamy day gown, or Nicolas Ghesquière’s version of chic and bold Louis Vuitton, you can expect to be seeing white dresses on your favorite celebs and models this season. Talk about dreamy. Count me in on this one!

Flower power

2017 Spring trends report florals

Image: Vogue

I know, I know. “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” But it’s a tale as old as time, and a classic one at that. There’s something beautifully delicate about a floral sundress in the spring, and it’s a good way to balance out the bold and powerful runway looks with a softer aesthetic.