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Spiderman: Homecoming full-lenght trailer is out and we’re pumped

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“Now boarding… the Spiderman: Homecoming hype train!” Seriously, for a movie that had one of the most storied climbs into and out of production – the Sony/Disney deal that brought Spidey over to the right side of superhero films, the casting hoopla, the strange title, the Breakfast Club allusions, Michael Keaton being too good for Marvel’s history of paltry villains, another origin story – any and every concern, qualm, or skepticism anyone may have had going in looks to have been thrown out the window with the release of the first official trailer for the 2017 (sure to be) cash cow, Spiderman: Homecoming.

The movie is laden with all sorts of callbacks, quips, and fan service in the initial two minutes and sixteen seconds of Peter Parker’s official solo (kind of) foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within seconds of the trailer’s start, we already have a clever quipping Spidey taking on a bunch of bank robbers wearing Avengers masks, to which Spidey calls out “Wait a minute, you guys aren’t The Avengers! I can tell – the Hulk gives it away,” and then proceeds to kick their asses and finish the job with a child like “Whoa! That was awesome.”

Then smash cut to Peter and his buddy Ned Leeds (Ganke!?) at school ogling the “hot girl” Liz, only to be called out by the “loner cool girl” Michelle (played by Zendaya), then another cut straight to Tony Stark (!) and Peter in a town car, discussing Parker’s “audition” to join the Avengers. The two have their fair share of quips, and then hug, only Stark wasn’t going for a hug, just opening Peter’s door for him. It may be too soon to say, but if that scene alone gives any baring on how Tony and Peter’s relationship is going to play out in the film, we may have one of the best “buddy” dynamics of the entire MCU on our hands (and with the two biggest heroes, no less).

Following some random cuts of Peter slowly getting the hang of becoming Spidey, and failing to hide his identity from his buddy Ned, the trailer heads into a more ominous tone, as Spidey is seen scaling the Washington Monument in DC, and The Vulture (played by Birdman himself, Michael Keaton) smashing through some giant building to wreak havoc, as audio of Stark telling Parker to avoid any heroism unless he’s called upon by The Avengers. As you might have guessed, Parker fails to take heed of the request, and a montage of Vulture terror and Spidey heroism ensues. Needless to say, Michael Keaton’s Vulture looks horrifying and totally badass, so that will potentially be a first in an MCU film – an actually terrifying villain.
The trailer ends with Keaton’s Vulture (presumably) telling Peter that if he further meddles in any of his business, he will make sure to kill anyone and everyone in Parker’s life (typical bad guy talk), and then shows Vulture splitting a ferry with some sort of alien (Chiutari?) technology, and then a GIANT CALL BACK to past Spidey films with Parker holding the splitting boat together with only his webbing! WHAT!?

There’s still a lot that remains to be seen – who is Donald Glover playing (you see him for a second with Logan Marshall’s character), how many villains will be in the film, who ends up being Mary Jane? – but the trailer ends in the most hype way imaginable – Spiderman and Iron Man rolling through the skies of New York City to inevitably take on the Vulture in the film’s climactic moment. So, if you weren’t on the hype train before, best hop on now, because this one is never slowing down.

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