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Some Surprisingly Believable Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

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There are a lot of strange theories floating around regarding some of the world’s most recognizable figures. For instance, did you know that Tupac Shakur currently lives in New Zealand, and that Katy Perry is actually Jon Benet Ramsay?

Pretty crazy right? Of course, sometimes these sorts of insane suggestions do end up being true. For instance, a bizarre Hollywood rumor actually ended up with Jack Nicholson finding out that the woman he had thought was his sister his whole life was actually his mother. She had been a mere sixteen years old when she gave birth and so gave her son over to her parents to raise as her sibling, a fact that devastated Jack when he found out in the midst of a television interview.

So in the spirit of revealing painful truths, here are some other possibly true celebrity conspiracy theories floating around the internet, plus one that I made up. See if you can spot which one is mine.

Katie Holmes Was Hired By Scientology To Be Tom Cruise’s Wife

We all remember the whirlwind romance that saw Tom Cruise marry relative unknown Katie Holmes, possibly in order to quiet persistent rumors about his sexuality.

Some have suggested that the entire episode was a ploy by the heads of Scientology to improve Cruz’s image. The idea was that by auditioning a series of actresses, Tom would get a wife to carry his, or possibly L.Ron Hubbard’s through some frozen sperm, child and in exchange he would use his star power to improve her career.

Is that crazy? Yes. Yes, it is. But it wouldn’t be the craziest thing to come out of Scientology and the whole affair did feel pretty staged didn’t it? I could imagine Katie finding that her concern for her daughter outweighs the rewards of sticking to the deal and fleeing for Suri’s sake. Dibs on that movie idea.

Khloe Kardashian Is OJ Simpson’s Daughter


Speaking of celebrity children, did you know that Khloe Kardashian is the daughter of OJ Simpson? Or at least, that’s what some people think. The rumor is based on the fact that Kris admitted to having an extramarital affair in her biography with a family friend, and OJ would fit the bill.

It is an interesting theory when you consider that apparently Robert Kardashian had his own concerns about Khloe’s parentage according to two of  his ex-wives, one of whom also claims that he thought the true father may have been OJ. So that one actually seems fairly plausible.

Michael Jackson And Prince Are Secretly The Same Person and Both Are Alive


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Michael Jackson and Prince never liked each other, or so it seemed. But, what if they were actually the same person. What if Prince was a creation of Jackson that he used in order to expand his musical horizons without the weight of public or label expectations. Both were relatively similar in appearance, and the differences could be explained by the use of cosmetics or props. And it’s a bit odd that Michael’s first son would also happen to be named Prince.

Is it possible that Michael, dogged by persistent rumors of sexual impropriety,decided to fake his own death and continue to live as Prince, only to repeat the cycle after the Prince persona became tiresome? Come to think of it has anyone ever seen Prince and Bruno Mars together?