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Six reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia this summer

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Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city, full of history and culture. This beautiful city has taken great care to preserve its 19-century homes and architecture, unique landscapes, and ancient trees. There is plenty to do and see, whether you want to walk the streets for yourself, take a tour bus around the city, or drive around and become lost in the historic and artistic atmosphere.

When planning your trip to Savannah, try to choose dates that are in the summer months, particularly July or August. Yes, it will be hotter, but the streets will be more empty for that very reason! Crowds are lower during those months and you can find better bargains for hotels and activities. There are also events happening over the summer that are worth checking out, such as the First Friday Art March and Fireworks, the Red, White, and Brews Independence Day Bar Crawl, shows at the Savannah theater, and Savannah Bananas games at Grayson Stadium.

Did we mention Savannah is the most haunted city in the country? Sign up for a ghost tour or stay in one of the haunted inns. If you really can’t stand the heat, you can still visit Savannah and cool off by going to the nearby Tybee Island. Learn more about these various activities below, and plan your summer vacation to Savannah today!

Old Town Trolley Tour


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This open-air bus will keep you cool as you drive along historic sites in Savannah. The bus makes a total of 16 stops where you can get out, stretch, take pictures, and learn more about the landmarks and buildings. By taking the trolley, you get all the background information on the sights you’re seeing from your helpful tour guide, without ending up lost or constantly searching for parking. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! The tour will show you over 100 of Savannah’s highlights, from Forsyth Park to the Cathedral of St. John.

First Friday Art March and Fireworks


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On the first Friday of each month, vendors will set up their booths in the Starland district of Savannah for tourists to come peruse and potentially buy. Local artists and craftsmen will display their work, music will play, and food will be available. There’s even a First Friday trolley that comes around and gives free rides to people so they don’t miss anything. In the evening of that Friday, watch a fantastic fireworks show, taking place on the riverfront.

Red, White and Brews Independence Day Bar Crawl


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On July 1, you can join together with hundreds of your closest friends to visit various bars in Savannah and celebrate America’s birthday! Be sure to wear your finest patriotic clothing, be prepared to win cool stuff and enjoy awesome drinks, and attempt to win a free T-shirt at the after party! Every participant has a scorecard, and if you are one of the first 250 people to visit every bar, you’ll win! No drinking is necessary, but it does make it more fun. Register now!

Savannah Theater

savannah theater in Georgia

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This historic theater opened in 1818, and has been putting on shows ever since. It has withstood the tests of fire and has been remodeled and rebuilt to come back stronger than before. Today, you can visit to see a show, look around their museum, and be amazed at the history of this building, along with the actors who have performed there. This summer, the shows offered include: “The Beat Goes On”, “Savannah Live!” and “Return to the ‘50s”.

Tybee Island

tybee island savannah georgia

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Twenty minutes away from Savannah, Tybee is just as full of culture and history. The island can trace its history back 400 years. If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill beach with the same old chains, try another beach. This island has local shops with local people selling their locally made and sourced goods. Here, you can visit the island’s museum, see the lighthouse, check out the marine science center, visit the island’s forts, sail to Little Tybee, fish off the pier, kayak…the list goes on and on! You can even get married on the island! Now there’s a summer your significant other won’t forget.

Haunted Savannah


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If you have no fear, there are many places in Savannah that are said to be haunted. In fact, Savannah is supposedly the most haunted city in America. You can hear, see and even feel the presence of these ghosts in some of Savannah’s houses, inns and pubs. There are tours you can take around the city to visit the haunted locations, while riding in a hearse. Check out the Bonaventure Cemetery, as well.