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Questions To Help You Narrow Down Your Wedding Style

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Questions To Help You Narrow Down Your Wedding Style

One of the first things you need to do as you start to plan your wedding is to decide on your wedding style. There are bound to be a million ideas floating around in your head about dream weddings and what you must have. You may even have a Pinterest board already set with pins of all the wedding designs and ideas you love. However, in order to get down to effectively planning your actual wedding, you and your groom must decide on a wedding style that fits both of you and your budget. Whatever style you choose is totally up to you, but deciding on a specific style helps guide planning and focuses all the choices you have to make, which in the long run will make you happy with the final result on your big day. Here are some questions to help you narrow down your wedding style. Sit down with your partner and really address these questions to nail down your style.

  1. What type of style is your home? The style each of you prefers in your home décor can help narrow down your wedding style as well. What you choose to have around you in daily life is a good summation of what you like aesthetically, and can be incorporated into your wedding. What type of style is your home is an important first question.
  2. When do you want to wed? Pinning down a season and/or a wedding date can help couples determine the style of their wedding. If your favorite season is spring or you met and fell in love in the fall, knowing when you want to wed can determine what type of wedding style will fit you as a couple.
  3. How many guests? This is an important question to ask for style purposes because it can determine the overall tone of your wedding. How many guests will be invited needs to be decided early. Intimate weddings generally are events with less than 100 guests. The average number of guests sits at around 100 to 200 people, and large weddings would be weddings with over 200 guests.
  4. Where do you want to get married? After you have an estimate of the number of guests you can start looking into venues. As you have thought about your personal style and the date, as well as the number of guests, you can discuss the type of venue and decide where do you want to get married in addition to the location.
  5. What are you color choices? Discussing color choices with your partner helps you narrow your wedding style as well. Having both parties on the same page when it comes to color in addition to your aesthetic preferences helps solidify your choices.

These questions to help you narrow down your wedding style will get you started on planning your wedding. You can then start discussing firm decisions with your team of helpers or your wedding planner. Moving forward with a style in mind will help the planning go much more smoothly, and the final result will be stunning.