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Now you can layaway your plane tickets

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When you’re in a pinch, it’s not always possible to make that epic summer trip to the Mediterranean or big flight to a friend’s wedding work. Times are tough, money gets tight, and you often have to pass up on awesome experiences with friends or family. But giving up on adventures is finally a thing of the past! Get ready for this bombshell. It’s now possible to layaway your plane tickets. You heard right. With Airfordable’s new payment plan system, your world exploration opportunities are endless!

Airfordable works by allowing you to make biweekly payments toward your flight’s total price. Once you’ve finished your payment plan, viola, you’re done! The flight itinerary and e-ticket are officially yours.

The process begins when you pick a flight on any number of respectable flight finder websites. Airfordable currently accepts flights from sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, and Google Flights, amongst others. Simply take a screenshot of your desired flight, making sure to include airline, travel dates, flight times, airports, and the total price including taxes.

Next, upload your image to the site and wait to be approved for your journey. After the approval process and a nonrefundable deposit (applied to your flight total), Airfordable will calculate a payment plan that will end at a certain point before your flight. Make your payments on time and Airfordable will send your flight itinerary and e-ticket directly to your inbox, two weeks before takeoff. At this point it’s easy to add your flight to your Airline to capture points.

A wonderful aspect of Airfordable to note: they don’t check your credit score as part of their approval process. Airfordable states on their website, “You are so much more than your credit score, so we don’t turn you into a three digit number.” Because you’re engaging in a pay-before-receiving system as opposed to opening a type of credit line, they don’t need to scrutinize your credit score before approving your trip.

As with any business that seems too good to be true, Airfordable has a drawback. They charge a service fee of anywhere from 10 to 15 percent to use their service, depending on the dates, demand, and ticket price. While that amount might seem steep, think of it as the make-or-break factor that will allow you to have a new experience or visit family you haven’t seen in years.

Another downside? At this time, Airfordable doesn’t allow one way tickets. So your open-ended European backpacking trip or big move to a new country won’t quite make the cut. Choose an end-date for the journey and you’re good to go, though!

In the end, choosing to use Airfordable’s services might make the difference between joining in on the fun or missing out. The fees are definitely steep, but the benefits certainly outweigh the cost! Would you consider using Airfordable to book a future trip? Or have you already successfully booked through Airfordable? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments.