The unofficial rules of model street style

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Image: Jan Zahradka/Shutterstock

I’ll admit I have a pretty serious obsession with model street style, or you know, the fashion industry in general. Coming from a world where I wanted nothing more than to be the next Christy Turlington since I was nine, I’ve nurtured this obsession of mine since my pre-pubescent self even knew I should protect those Vogues instead of plaster their pages all around my room. I mean come on, these models wearing these designer clothes? Walking in Givenchy in Paris and Milan? My dream. 

Alas, I am not a fashion model. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep my eye on the fashion industry and models of the moment (and models of yesterday’s moment). Models have very coveted access to designers’ latest designs and glam-wear, but what they choose to wear in their everyday life is what intrigues me most.

Most of us normal people run to the grocery store in yoga pants and our boyfriend’s t-shirt. But when Kendall Jenner runs errands, she’s most likely donning some form of high-waisted demin with a crop top showing off her perfectly tapered tummy and long af legs. Like I said, dream.

So, years of collecting magazines and scrolling through all the different street style boards on Pinterest have led me to be some major conclusions.

Here’s what we can learn from model street style.

Apparently, sneakers can go with literally anything

model street style sneakers

Image: Tumblr

It’s apparently totally cool to wear your Adidas sneakers with just about anything. So whether you’re wearing some new workout gear with running leggings, or wearing a sweater dress out to dinner, if you have the right sneakers you can’t really go wrong.

Less is generally more

miranda kerr model street style

Image: Eonline

When it comes to classic street style, models know how to make a big statement with less. So shed the layers, make your black bra a statement in itself, and never underestimate the power of a white tank.

Leather is forever

A classic leather jacket is a model’s go-to statement piece. From slacks to sundresses, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket.

Workout getup is a thing

model street style workout clothes

Image: DailyMail

Now this is a thing I can totally get on board with. Looking chic while still getting to wear leggings and my Nikes? Hell yes. 

Do something daring

Who says you can’t break the rules? Supermodel Sara Sampaio does it here by wearing white on white after Labor Day, and she still looks great. Fashion is ever-changing, so have fun with it!

When it doubt, pout

The classic red lip goes a long way in the fashion world, and honestly in the real world, too. My only advice would be to smile – it makes your teeth look brighter. We can still pout and be happy, right?

Even models wear jorts

model street style jorts, denim, jean shorts

Image: Tumblr

Jean shorts tend to get a bad rap in the fashion world, but there are so many ways to make every country singer’s favorite thing to write about totally fashionable. Pair with classic heels and great bag and you’re good to go!

Models, believe it or not, do wear color

I know. Sounds crazy (especially considering every other picture I’ve provided closely resembles a black and white photograph), but color is very much still a fashion statement. Adding pops of color into their wardrobes is something models are great at doing, like Elsa Hosk in the picture above.

Grin and bare it

no makeup model street style beauty look

Image: Teen Vogue

Embrace the bare-faced look. No need to go out on the streets with a full face of makeup these days. Models seem to be perfectly content (and beautiful) with just a little moisturizer and lip balm. Another model street style trend we can definitely get on board with.

Cap it off

model street style baseball cap

Image: WeHeartIt

Bad hair day? Put a cap on. Good hair day? Put a cap on. Model street style has shown us that regardless of the outfit, a chic baseball cap looks good with just about any outfit.