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Make Your Lipstick Last From First Kiss To Send-Off

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It seems like after one sip of water our lipstick is already jeopardized, so how are we supposed to make it last from before the ceremony to after the reception?  We have a simple process that will have you applying lipstick properly so they last all night. It only takes a few extra steps to acquire these long-lasting lips, so there’s no reason not to take these preventative steps!

  1. For starters, year-round you should be exfoliating your lips, but even more so in the summer. Combine salt and almond oil for a quick DIY lip exfoliator. This routine will keep your lips soft, supple, and healthy. Continual exfoliating also preps your lips so they can better hold lip color.
  2. You can achieve long-lasting lips whether you use a lipstick or lip stain, but lip stains are known for lasting longer with less effort. Lip stains have an initial creamy texture and then turn into a lightweight stain on your lips. No matter how much you drink, eat, or kiss the color will last.
  3. Regardless of what kind of lip color you are applying, begin by applying lip balm. Moisturized, soft lips are key for smooth, even lipstick or stain. The smoother your lip color goes on, the better grip it will have on your lips.
  4. Next, apply concealer to your lips. Concealer will hold the color in place while also allowing the makeup to go on smoothly.
  5. Now apply either your lipstick or lip stain. Use a tissue paper to blot away excess makeup. Dab some powdered foundation on your lips gently. Apply another layer of lip color, then repeat the process once more. The initial layer of concealer with two layers of foundation will secure your lipstick in place.