Real talk: We need to get real about feminism

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real about feminism

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they were a feminist but that they really only get along with guys, I would be able to build a robot version of myself to listen to that crap. It’s comments like that giving the concept of feminism a bad rap. How can we as women expect anyone to give us equality if we can’t even support our own gender? We need to seriously get real about feminism.

Equality means that we as women need to stop using femininity as a battle. Stop the comparing and the petty jealousy. Insecurity is a human trait, but it is one that we as women seem to perpetuate. Yes, female competition is a product of the patriarchy, but that just means it is one more ceiling we need to crash through.

How to get real about feminism


Girls support girls

Feminists don’t put other girls down. That means we support all styles, orientations, and races of women. We cheer each other on, we ask for help without shame, and we befriend each other because we are strong and loving creatures made to kick ass and lend support to all who need it. This means we don’t gossip, we don’t spread rumors, and we don’t hate on other girls simply because they have a quality we also want to exude. There is no competition, we need to embrace differences and similarities and high five over each other’s victories.

Don’t hate on men

This is simple. To stop spreading the idea feminists are man-hating witches, we have to stop hating on men. This is not to be confused with hating on the patriarchy. Men are victims to the patriarchy as well, and we need to remember they can be just as much slaves to society as we are. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try and educate the men who use their privilege to ignore the very real problem that is gender inequality.

Educate with passion, but also with love

Basically don’t take any shit, but make sure you spread info with as much compassion as possible. It’s okay to be angry, I’m angry, but I also remember to love my fellow human regardless of how wrong they are.

Get involved

It is no exaggeration to say the rights we have won as women are getting torn away from us. And we aren’t the only group whose rights and liberties are being screwed. Feminism means we support the rights of all. That means we need to stand up not only for women’s rights, but also for LGTBQ+ rights, and for black and Muslim lives. We need educate ourselves more and learn how to get involved. The more people who use their voices lend credibility and numbers to the hard working women and men fighting for equality.

This is real, this is happening, and we need to join together to fix the flaws within the feminist movement for it to be the success we so desperately want and deserve. To talk about women’s rights, or any minority rights, in terms of progress makes me fight so much harder to see the day every citizen in America wakes up unafraid and secure.