How to keep your rockin’ bod while you’re pregnant

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A portrait of a Beautiful asian pregnant woman doing exersice on her bed using dumbell

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Being pregnant is tough. It’s no walk in the park. Weight gain is a natural and normal part of the process.  Expecting or wanting your body to stay exactly the same while carrying a child is just not realistic. However, you can keep in great shape so the rest of your body stays rockin’! Here are some ways:


We told you it wasn’t a walk in the park, right?  Well, in this case it is! Walking while pregnant is fantastic for both mama and baby and will result in a happier and healthier prenatal experience.  It can be tempting to stay on the couch while pregnant, but getting out and moving GENTLY will make you look and feel far better.  As you get further along in your pregnancy, be sure that your big, protruding tummy is supported so that you do not suffer back injuries or end up in a great deal of pain.


You know those sexy “bat wings” that moms sometimes get? Well, that’s from loose skin that can be left behind after weight gain and loss.  Pregnancy is one of those times in our lives that we are particularly vulnerable to developing loose, saggy skin. Tricep exercises are easy on your lower body, will not strain your tummy, and will keep the back of your arms looking svelte and sexy.


Focusing on your arms during pregnancy is a great way to continue strength training without jeopardizing your health, or that of the baby. Bicep curls with weights or a band are easy to fit into your schedule and will keep you feeling strong and powerful, even when you’re exhausted.


The standard old-fashioned squat will help to keep your thighs and butt strong and, hopefully, keep the saddlebags at bay.  In addition, they will prepare your lower body for the work that it will have to do in just a few short months.

Hip Lifts

Pregnancy often creates tight, weak and uncomfortable hips. Gentle lifts will both strengthen and stretch that area.  This will also decrease lower back pain.


Yoga is a holistic approach to fitness that works not just your body, but your mind, and gives you a peaceful and relaxed feeling. Pregnancy is often anything but relaxing and yoga can create a calm and fit body that will be ready when the time comes to bring forth new life.  Here are a few poses that you can try, but always talk to an expert before working out while expecting:

  1. Downward dog is a great way to alleviate pressure on the back and cervix and creates a full body stretch.
  2. Wide leg stretches will help loosen the hips and lower back.
  3. Legs up the wall is an amazing way to let all of the stress seep from your body. However, be aware of how long your doctor says that it is okay to be on your back.

Don’t forget that you deserve to be happy, healthy and fit during you pregnancy.  You are carrying a new life for goodness sake! To be clear, there’s no rule that says your butt has to get as big as your belly.  In addition, staying fit while preggo will help with delivery, as well as getting back in shape after you have your bundle of joy. It’s a win-win across the board for you and your new family member. Congratulations and good luck with your journey through pregnancy! If you have a great exercise that is helping you stay fit while pregnant, please share below.