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How To Fake Calligraphy For Wedding Envelopes

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Addressing envelopes by hand takes a long time, let alone trying to write in a pretty script. Calligraphy is often out of the question unless you’re a natural at it. Calligraphy seems to be the style of choice when it comes to “save the date” cards and wedding invitations. Instead of paying someone to write in calligraphy for you and instead of using an expensive online tool, follow our easy steps to quickly faking calligraphy. With this quick tutorial you’ll be able to knock out your wedding envelopes in no time, but with beautiful script handwriting.
First, you’ll need a good pen. A pen with thick ink will take you a long way without even having any calligraphy skill. Practice several times writing out sample envelopes. Once you find a style of cursive or print that you love you can begin turning it into calligraphy. If you aren’t pleased with your own writing, simply look online at a variety of handwriting styles and try copying them over and over again until it becomes more natural.
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The secret to faking calligraphy is one little trick: draw an extra line to the outside of your letters (similar to creating bubble letters) and fill in the space in between with your pen. This contrast from thick to thin on each letter will create a natural calligraphy style. When using a calligraphy pen, this happens purely from the shape of the pen. For each letter only add an extra line to one side of the letter, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the dimension.
This may take awhile at first, but after practicing on several envelopes you’ll quickly get the hang of it. To speed of the process try only writing the name of the recipient in calligraphy and print the address. You can still create a neat design on your envelopes by spacing out the letters or adding dots, diamonds, or lines to make your invitations more sophisticated and stylish. Just take your time and think before each line and write with intention.