5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him Under $20

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Happy man in santa hat opening a gift at home in the living room

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Holiday shopping isn’t exactly easy, and it’s particularly difficult thinking of gift ideas for him, whoever the “him” is in your situation. Men are hard to shop for for several reasons, chief among them is the fact that a lot of the stuff they crave is really expensive, and we all have limited means. So, if you’re shopping for a guy this holiday season and need some ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are our 5 favorite gifts ideas for him under $20 this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Him: Wood Pallet Drink Coasters

wood pallet drink coasters

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As a personal user of these coasters, they are pretty awesome. They look great, feel extremely well-made, and they do a nice job of protecting your furniture from stains and rings. They work well for man caves, offices and general living spaces equally well.

Gift Ideas for Him: Instant Read Thermometer

instant read thermometer

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Not every guy is a griller or pitmaster, but for those who are, they’ll love a high-quality instant read digital thermometer. There are a lot of brands out there at various price points, but we love the value and quality that Innoo provides.

Gift Ideas for Him: Leather Wristwatch Box

leather wristwatch case for men

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For any guy who wears watches, he needs a watch box. And it doesn’t get better than this 12 watch holder in black leather. It’s a stylish box which should fit into any room, regardless of its decore.

Gift Ideas for Him: Ice Sphere Tray

ice sphere tray

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Men who don’t drink whiskey may not appreciate these as much as the rest of us, but if the guy you’re buying for enjoys his bourbon, then he needs an ice tray or maker that will give him ice as a giant ball. Because it’s awesome.

Gift Ideas for Him: NES Cartridge Flask

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If he’s a nerd and a drinker, what could be better than an old school Nintendo NES game cartridge flask? It’s super discreet, but it’s also just a really cool item to display on his bartop.