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Frugal & Edible Wedding Bouquet for the Green Bride

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chive blossom wedding bouquet

Image: Interflora

When you hear “chive blossoms,” you probably think about the strong scent and flavor of chives instead of their romantic purple blossoms. Chive blossoms are modern, beautiful flowers that also happen to be something you can grow in your garden for cooking purposes. At your local farmers market, these blossoms are likely to cost just a dollar or two. Aside from being budget-friendly and edible, a chive blossom wedding bouquet would be an eco-friendly choice. Instead of purchasing expensive bouquets that will end up getting thrown out, your bridesmaids and guests can take the chive blossoms home and use them in their own kitchens.
In order to make the best chive blossom bouquet, make sure you use blossoms that are turning to seed to make sure they fill out the bouquet. The onion smell that is often associated with chives is faint in the flowers, so you won’t have to worry about the scent spreading.
Here’s how to make a chive blossom wedding bouquet.


  • chive blossoms
  • floral tape
  • colored binding tape, ribbon or fabric
  • pins


  1. Assemble the chive blossoms by adding them one-by-one to the bouquet, starting with the center stem.
  2. Secure the stems in place with floral tape.
  3. Cover the floral tape with binding tape, ribbon, or fabric in a color that matches your wedding theme. You can also attach ribbons that hang loose for a more elegant bouquet.
  4. Use pins to hold the tape, ribbon, or fabric in place.

For more information on chive blossom bouquets, visit You Grow Girl.