Family Halloween costumes that win

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A young family of super heroes are standing outside with blue capes and masks looking up for a protection, strength or creativity concept

Image: Shutterstock/Angela Waye

Who says Halloween is just for kids? This year, get the whole family in on the fun! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite DIY costumes. No matter the size of your family or your budget, there’s a costume set for you.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

By using some easy-to-find wardrobe pieces, a sewing machine, some felt and face paint, your crew will be ready to head for the second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning. Check out how this mom pulled together the look here.

Mary Poppins and Company

Make this famous nanny, her friend Bert and the dancing penguins come to life with this ensemble. These were made with children’s sizes in mind, but could be adjusted to fit whatever family member. Find the Mary Poppins look here, Bert here and the adorable penguin here. This getup is best for an experienced seamstress.

Where’s Waldo?

This one is super easy, because everyone dresses the exact same! You can try your luck of finding a red-and-white striped shirt at a store or thrift shop, but you can also make your own. This mom will show you how in her tutorial here. Throw on some glasses and striped hats, and you’ll be all set.

The Incredibles

Take some red sweatpants and some red shirts, glue on some black felt and you’ll be prepared to save the world. Or at least your neighborhood. Black gloves and boots complete the superhero ensemble. Get the directions here.

The Flintstones

Whether you want to be Wilma and Fred, or Barney and Betty, you’ll make your neighbors shout yabba-dabba-doo in these outfits. Cut up some clothes, dye your hair (temporarily) red and you’ll be on your way. This mom has the scoop here.

Star Wars

After the newest movie release, everyone will want to be characters from this legendary franchise. Jedi, R2D2, Yoda, Leia or Darth Vader, there’s a costume for you. Be ready to defend the galaxies with these tips and tricks found here.


All you really need for this costume set is four people, cardboard, a couple pillows and paint. It’s so easy, your family could help make the costumes. Plus it uses up that cardboard that’s been lying around your house for ages. Learn how with these instructions.

The Dalmatians, featuring Cruella DeVil and Jasper

Paint some black spots on white sweatpants and hoodies, cut out some furry ears and sew them onto the hoods, and put black spots on their faces for this easy, breezy costume! The parents’ look is a little more complicated, but you could all just be dalmatians if you wanted. Bonus factor of keeping the kids warm while trick-or-treating. Get the look here.

Little Red Riding Hood and Company

If you’re talented with a sewing machine, give this costume set a try. Someone can be Red, another can be Granny, and this fairytale wouldn’t be complete without the Wolf. Each tutorial can be found courtesy of Make It, Love It.

The Care Bears

No sew costumes! I repeat, no sew! If you’ve been thinking all this time you can’t make a DIY costume because you can’t sew, you’re out of excuses now. These Care Bears were pulled together using sweatpants and hoodies, felt and fabric glue. It doesn’t get any easier (or warmer) than that. Check it out here.

Native American Family

Another no sew costume set. You’re in luck today. These outfits were made by cutting fringe into brown t-shirts, embellishing the fringe with craft beads, hot gluing feathers to a piece of leather for headbands, and making tutus from tulle. Intrigued? Find out all the details here.

Angry Birds

Felt + old blankets + hot glue + pillow stuffing = a family hit. Not only can everyone get involved, but it’s a great idea for large families. You can’t have too many angry birds, or green pigs. Follow this mom’s example here and be sure to get pictures.

Mario Brothers and Company

Raid a thrift store to get all the supplies needed for this ensemble: solid color shirts, overalls, yellow dress and a couple of hats. Then hit up a craft store to get some fabric, fleece, fabric glue, poster board and felt. Toadstool, Princess Daisy, Mario and Luigi, and Donkey Kong are all represented in this guide.

Skeleton Family

Using some black sweatpants and hoodies and some white paint, you can easily become a skeleton family. An even better idea: if you’re pregnant, use this opportunity for your reveal by painting a tiny skeleton over your belly. Skip that part if you’re not pregnant, or fill in that spot with something else, like this mom did. Get the rib cage outline and directions here.