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DIY Wine Cork Monogram Decor

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From the moment we started drinking wine, we’ve been collecting wine corks without really having any reason. As we grow older, we begin to save them for more sentimental reasons—the bottle of our first date, the bottle from the night he said, “I love you,” and of course from the night he proposed. If you’re like us and you have jars upon jars of treasured wine corks, then you’ll need this DIY decor at your wedding reception.

  • Wine corks (as many as you can gather!)
  • Super or hot glue
  • Pen
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • A wooden letter for the first initial of your future last name
  • Ribbon, if you decide to hang it


  1. Lay down newspaper or paper towels before pulling out the glue, and lay the letter down flat. Remove any corks from the pile that are broken. Some corks may have a darker red stain on them. Separate these so you can intentionally mix them evenly with the un-stained corks. You’ll want the red dots to be spread throughout the letter rather than having them concentrated in one area.
  2. As you begin to glue each cork on the letter, make sure the pretty side with the label of the un-stained corks is showing. For the red-stained corks, you will flip them so the red shows. Don’t worry about covering the letter perfectly on this first round—you will end up slicing corks later to even out the edges. Glue one cork at a time and place on the letter until it is mostly covered with corks. Make sure to keep each line of corks straight.
  3. With the remaining corks you will need to see what areas of the letter are still uncovered so you can slice them and make them fit accordingly. Draw a line of the corks to measure where they need to be cut because each one will be a little different. Cut these corks on a cutting board and slice them on their sides, as opposed to trying to cut them vertically. Glue the remaining pieces on the letter.
  4. Allow enough drying time before tying a ribbon onto the letter. While super glue and hot glue are both strong, hefty glues, it is still important to be careful when transport the decor to the reception.