Coffee shops in Nashville that you need to visit

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Nashville is a city of music, artists and coffee. It is a city of its own culture: its own style of dress, slang, home-cooking and traditions. If a musician wants to make it in the big leagues, there are three places: Cali, NYC or Nashville. Frankly, Nashville has more of a hometown feel and it provides a sense of welcome that you don’t get from other major cities. You can visit almost anywhere within the city limits and learn something about its history or music. It’s the place where creative people go to grow and create.

Out of all the possibilities and abundance of opportunity, where do these creative young people go when they need to get down to the nitty gritty? Where do they find their inspiration and an easy work environment? Some may choose Centennial Park or the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. But if you want to truly experience the nurturing vibe of this city while flexing your creative muscles, you’d choose to flex those muscles in one of Music City’s eclectic cafés that take root in Nashville, Tennessee.

And if you’re a local, you’d choose one these:

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor Nashville best coffee shops

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You know before you even walk in that this coffeehouse was made for creative people by creative people. Each location is housed in a former auto repair shop. They now have three locations to make their excellent coffee and cool vibe available to as many people as possible: the original, Barista Parlor Golden Sound, and Barista Parlor Germantown. They strive to support the work of local artists by incorporating their products into everything they can at the Parlor. The next time you need a cup of creativity or locally made pastries, check out this option.


Ugly Mugs

ugly mugs Nashville coffee shop

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If you’re looking for a group-friendly environment – maybe you’re not a loner artist, but have a band, a book club, or family members you’d like to meet with – consider going to Ugly Mugs. They’ve got locally roasted coffee, live music and special events, pastries and treats provided by local bakeries, and plenty of room for a crowd. Use this space to try out that song you just wrote or to perform a spoken word. If you’re not artistically inclined, go anyway and enjoy watching others perform or simply bring a book.


Crema coffee roasters nashville, TN

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Unassuming from the outside, yet full of heart and warmth once you step in, Crema is the place to go for award-winning coffee. But it is more than a cafe and roastery. Crema owners believe that everyone should be educated about the coffee they consume. Therefore, Crema regularly offers classes that are open to the public, discussing the science of roasting and the art of coffee. Though small, it feels like a homecoming when you enter the shop and see the rustic decor and warm lighting. They like to refer to themselves as a “coffee brewtique”.

Sip Cafe

SIP cafe nashville, TN coffee shops

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For a truly unique experience, try going to Sip Cafe. Not only do they serve coffee (locally roasted, of course), but they also are connected with Mike’s Ice Cream! Coffee and ice cream? It’s the best of both worlds! Sip’s specialty is French pressed coffee, while Mike’s offers 23 flavors of homemade ice cream goodness. More so, they are environmentally conscious and will give free coffee grounds away for consumers’ compost heaps. But there’s more: you will get a 20 cent discount on your order if you bring your own mug or you ride your bike to the shop. Check them out the next time you’re in Riverside Village.

Bongo Java

Bongo Java Nashville coffees shop

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This coffee shop is a favorite to Belmont students, as it’s just across the street, but it can be enjoyed by any coffee lover. The cafe opened in 1993, and was ranked “Best Coffeehouse” from 1994-2012. That’s quite a streak, so there must be something to it, right? Its sister cafe is called Fido, and emphasizes organic and local foods. Upstairs above Bongo is the theatre, Bongo Java After Hours. Otherwise known as “Nashville’s Most Intimate Venue”. So come for coffee and inspiration, stay for the music, improv comedy, or show! There’s something for everyone at Bongo Java.