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Cast And Crew Of “The People vs. OJ Simpson” Open Up About The Verdict

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You may have seen the commercials for the new series American Crime Story. It’s the spiritual successor to American Horror Story, written by many of the same people and premiering on the FX network. The show first episode aired last night, and it will cover a number of famous criminal cases in a serial format from season to season. The first season will focus on the trial of O.J. Simpson, who was accquited for the murder of his wife and her friend in a controversial trial. Did OJ do it? The show doesn’t take a stance on the issue other way, but instead focuses on the background of the trial through a diverse cast of characters. The writers and cast recently opened up

Cuba Gooding Jr, who stars as OJ said, “If we did our job right, people will understand how they came up with that verdict based on incompetence on many different levels. And I hope even in that statement, I hope you don’t think that I think he’s guilty or innocent. But there are things to be evaluated so that we can correct certain issues within society and within our judicial system.”

Most of the rest of the cast, which includes David Schwimmer as O.J.’s Kardashian-spawning lawyer, and John Travolta as fellow defense counsel member Robert Shapiro, agree that they did not have their opinions on the verdict changed by filming the show. The consensus seems to be that while the show may not make you think differently about whether or not OJ is guilt, it will give you a fuller sense of why the not-guilty verdict was reached.

The show has opened to some pretty rave reviews, with most critics responding positively to the humanizing tact that the show is taking. So if you’re interested in true crime dramas, you may have a new favorite Wednesday night show.