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Bridesmaid Drama You Didn't See Coming

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Bridesmaid Drama You Didn’t See Coming

Just when you thought everything about your wedding was going well, something ends up causing you some unexpected problems along the way. When bridesmaid drama starts getting on your nerves, it’s better to address the problem the right way. What’s more, you might want to be aware of these possible issues to arise, which could help you prepare and plan the best course of action to resolve these. So, spare yourself from these worries and anxieties as you check out these common bridesmaid-related problems that may come along.

Stress With The Dress

Women will always be women—they only want to look their best at all times. You can never blame them for fussing over their dress, accessories or shoes since these have to go perfectly to complement their overall style. In the case of bridesmaids, there are those who can be simply difficult to deal with when it comes to dresses. They may stress out because of the color, cut, fabric or overall style of the outfit. Some may tell you right away that they are not at all pleased about the dress, while others may wait until the day itself has arrived and throw a temper tantrum. Considering this potential issue, it is advisable that you give your bridesmaids some freedom to decide on the dress. Discuss with them their preferences and then come up with a meeting point to assure them that their voices are well-heard and appreciated.

The Bridesmaid Who Always Complains

There are some bridesmaids who may complain more than the others, and this can be a bit of a pain to handle. They may even go off and have some kind of an argument with the other bridesmaids, which could put you in an awkward situation. This should be an issue that you would be able to handle by having a one-on-one talk with this bridesmaid. Avoid confronting her in front of others to prevent the issue from getting bigger. You should try to be calm as you talk to her and keep an open mind. Your task is to mediate and remedy the issue, so be as objective with her as possible.

The Distant Or Careless Bridesmaid

Does it seem to you (and the others) that a particular bridesmaid does not seem to be doing her part in this important task during the wedding? In fact, other bridesmaids may have noticed it, too, and they have relayed their complaints to you. While it is clear with everyone else that teamwork matters so much to make this wedding a success, one certain bridesmaid may not share the same principle. With this in mind, you have to devote a few hours to clear things out with the object of complaints. Perhaps she is going through a rough time, and she may be expressing her frustrations in an inappropriate way. Communication always does the trick, so do your best to talk to her and have any issues sorted out.