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The Best Gifts For Techies

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The holidays are almost here, and if you’re like most people, you now face the daunting task of selecting gifts for the tech-obsessed nerd in your life. It can be tough to pick the right gifts. But luckily for you, as tech-obsessed nerds ourselves, we’ve selected some of the best gifts for techies out this season.

1)Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung VR

Image: Best Buy

Virtual Reality is officially at the point where it isn’t a headache-inducing novelty. In fact, there are a number of pretty awesome applications out there right now for virtual reality, and it seems like nearly every major tech company is trying to get in on the platform. And Samsung’s Gear VR headset is one of the best options. It’s only compatible with Samsung appliances like the Note or Galaxy, but if the person you are buying the gift for already has one, then you can snag this for a song at $80.

2) Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

Snap Drone

Image: Vantage Robotics

Drones are big this year and if you’re not interested in all the disturbing political and social ramifications of a fleet of private eyes in the sky, you can get in on the fun with this little model. The Snap is designed so that each of its separate parts detaches from each other and you can carry it around in a backpack to assemble as needed. And its 4k camera lets you capture gorgeous footage from a bird’s eye view. The price varies according to options, but you can pick yours up here.

3) Amazon Dot

Amazon Dot

Image: Amazon

The Amazon Dot is a scaled-down version of the Amazon home system at a far more affordable price.  The Amazon home system is basically a personal robotic assistant. It can look up facts and recipes or play music by responding to voice commands. But where the full-size model costs $150, you can pick up the Dot for a third of that at $50. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do all the things the Amazon home can do. But if you feel like renaming it Jeeves and pretending to be Tony Stark, that’s totally doable. Of course, it can’t actually mix you a cocktail…yet.



Image: Podo

If you’re tired of your friend’s annoying selfie stick (and who isn’t?), you can pick up this cool little invention that just got launched through a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a camera that syncs to your phone and can be attached to nearly any surface. That way, you can take selfies from any angle or distance. It isn’t retailing yet, but for a $40 donation you can pick one up in time for Christmas.

5)Bose Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort

Image: Amazon

Wireless headphones are officially the way of the future, and no one does it better than Bose. Their Quiet Comfort line uses sound canceling technology to block sound from outside the headphones, giving an unparalleled sound quality and deep rich tones. Carry them on a plane and never hear the sound of the engines. Or take them on a long walk and bask in some quiet reflection. Though at a hefty $300 price tag, this might be one of those gifts you want to save for yourself.

6) Anki Cosmo

Anki cosmo

Image: Amazon

The Anki Cosmo is the updated version of the miniature robots every tech enthusiast used to love getting as a kid. It uses advanced AI programming to recognize its owner and even be surprisingly emotive with its little LCD eyes. Plus, if you’re into programming, Cosmo comes with its own kit that can let you add your own features. It’s a neat little gadget that’s great for kids of all ages. $180 on Amazon.

7)Wacom Bamboo Notepad

Wacom Bamboo Notepad

Image: Pinterest

If you know anyone who has ever talked about starting their own webcomic or maybe even just likes to doodle, the Wacom Bamboo Notepad is a great gift. It instantly transmits anything drawn on the pad directly to a mobile device so you can keep track of notes or upload drawings to the internet. And it’s only $150 on Amazon.

8) Tile Tracking Device


Image: Amazon

There are few things more annoying than constantly forgetting where you left your keys or wallet. Wouldn’t it be great if they came with their own GPS tracking device? Well, guess what: now they do. The tile is a device that slips into your wallet or around your key ring and keeps track of where everything is through a phone app. So if you have a relative who is constantly losing things, the Tile is a great gift. $30 on Amazon.

So there you go, eight of the best gifts to give this holiday season to the techie in your life. And remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting one of these to yourself. Happy Holidays!