Best Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Traveling

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Let’s face it- traveling with children can get tough at times. Whether you’re taking plane, train, or automobile, there’s no one secret to keeping your kids happy, entertained, and enriched at all times.

Luckily we have modern technology that aids in the process. While many apps are filled with information and ads that are unhelpful to the growing child, there are so many with educational value. So go guilt-free this vacation by downloading these age-appropriate, enlightening apps to keep your kids entertained while traveling.

They’ll definitely learn a thing or two, all while keeping the peace! What more could you ask for?

Ages 2+

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends

This app, inspired by the famous children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, teaches vocabulary in English and other languages.

Ages 3+

Lazoo Art Box

With drawing prompts and engaging animations, Lazoo Art Box is the go-to app for traveling families across the world.

LumiKids Park by Lumosity, Early Learning Play for Kids

Brought to you by the cognitive learning experts at Lumosity, LumiKids Park focuses on practicing age-appropriate core cognitive skills.

Ages 4+

Highlights All About

The iconic children’s magazine goes digital with their All About app. Interactive fun will keep your kiddo entertained for hours on end.

Kiko’s Thinking Time

It’s essential for children to start developing cognitive skills at an early age and Kiko’s Thinking Time – Cognitive Training for Children’s Brains is the perfect app to work their minds.

Ages 5+

Gro Garden

Gro Garden gives your child the opportunity to create and maintain a virtual garden. The game requires focus, patience, and curiosity, which makes Gro Garden the perfect app for lively children to practice their skills.

WriteReader Pro

This app teaches children all about the writing- and publishing- process. They’ll mirror letters, practice writing words, and publish their masterpiece at the end.

Ages 6+

Odd Squad: Blob Chase

Children will problem-solve by capturing little blobs in this exciting and unique app. Odd Squad: Blog Chase will entertain even the shortest attention spans!

Where’s My Water

Where’s My Water’s interesting gameplay will captivate the minds of older children. Make sure they check out the Puzzler’s Plot!

Ages 7+

Game Room

The beauty of Game Room is it’s access to classic board games for two or more players. That means interactive fun with another child or member of the family!

Hovercraft- Build Fly Retry

The best 3D modeling app out there for the older kid crowd. Children can create model hovercrafts, race them (and often crash them), and revise what went wrong.

Ages 8+

Minecraft- Pocket Edition

This classic desktop game is folded into the iPad screen. Kids will go crazy for the complex and creative building game.

Motion Math: Cupcake!

This bakery-inspired game with adaptive lessons will keep your child entertained, all while learning important math skills.

Stack the States

For a little extra geography lesson thrown in, Stack the States is a wonderful learning app for older kids. It’s especially perfect for roadtrips!

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