Amazing Things to Do With Tomato Cages

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After tomato season, you may look at the stack of tomato cages in your garage or shed and think they are useless until the spring. That’s far from the truth though. You can use them in many ways to beautify your home and office.

Tomato Cage Topiaries

You can make elegant topiaries for your front door with tomato cages. All you need is garland made out of artificial leaves and wrap them around the wires of the cage. Some people add small berries to it or flowers. You can stand it inside of a pretty pot to complete the look.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Make something for your outdoor area with this mason jar chandelier. Use the tomato cage to hang the mason jars from it. You can then place tea lights inside of the mason jars. Light them and you have a beautiful accent for your back deck. This is perfect for left over cages after you’ve planted all of your seedlings for the year.

Some people wrap the wire in cloth or some other material to make it more elegant. Take a minute to see what this mason jar lover did:

Tomato Cage Chandelier

It’s hard to imagine, but when you see some of the creations people have made turning their tomato cage into a chandelier, you’ll want to make one of your own.

Take a look at this: It’s made with the cage as the base. All that the crafter did was run beads across the wires and then drape beads all around it. She then placed butterflies and roses on some of the wires. It’s really amazing how beautiful this came out. It is also an excellent conversation piece.

Make Your Own Tomato Cage Creation

There are hundreds of décor items you can make with your tomato cages. Think for a moment and head to the craft store. You’ll likely find a way to incorporate the theme of your home into either a chandelier or a topiary. With some practice, you’ll probably realize that you’ve created something that you would have to pay $100 for in the store. You may have to watch out though. Once your friends and family see what you’ve created, they will likely want you to make some for them too. Luckily, you will probably be okay with that since it’s a fun craft to do!

Getting Ready for Your Tomato Garden

As winter winds down, it’s time to start thinking about your spring tomato garden! If you’re going to grow your own from seeds, you should get those set-up indoors in the next month or so. Then make sure you have enough tomato cages for when they are ready to go into the ground. If you’re interested in growing your very own Tasti-Lee tomatoes, you can purchase seeds from Burpee Gardens here:

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