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Amazing Products We Lost With The 90’s

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Some of these relics of the past will be sorely missed. To others, we bid good riddance. But in all of them we find a common thread – they are so very 90’s.

1990s - New chalkboard with outlined text - on wood

Image: zsirosistvan

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Floppy Disks

Set of floppy disks in 3.5 inch format with 1.44 MB capacity as commonly used in the late 80s:early 90s as storage medium for computer data. Studio shot, isolated on white background.

Image: MichaelJayBerlin

From here on out, everybody will ask: “What is a floppy disk?” Well, much like the Saber Tooth Tiger, these disks are now extinct, but in the day they were totally killer.


These little toys actually came alive. That is, if we if we kept them from dying, every day, by paying enough attention to them to keep them alive. And in doing so these little gadgets transformed us into a generation 0f helicopter parents.


Yup, pagers – my how times have changed. These archaic devices transmitted brief messages in a very transitory phase of high speed communications.

Where’s Waldo?

Yes, this elusive figure kept our eyes scanning the pages for any signs of his red and white striped shirt and blue jeans, amid all the chaos, searching, searching…


Goosebumps kept children of the 90’s on the edge of their seats, or beds, at night, or at school, because nothing could get between them and these addictive scary stories.

Silly Putty

Sure, Silly Putty existed before the 90’s, and it still exists today. But how many of us remember hours spent picking hair and dirt out of this timeless substance?

Cassette Tapes

These tapes were the medium for the romantic mix tape, and the only way to compile songs off the radio. Although tedious in retrospect, they still remain on the fringes of indie music culture today.


Green and red yoyos on a white background with copy space

Image: Mike Flippo/Shutterstock

People did outrageous tricks with these things. Can anybody still do them?

Disposable Cameras

sergo iv Shutterstock

Image: sergo iv/Shutterstock

Hello digital, goodbye disposable.


Parents thought this harmless invention would suck up too much of our time and attention. Oh, the simple pleasure of having only one app.

Koosh Balls

You know you had one.

Rabbit’s Feet

Rabbit Foot

Image: juliocolon1/Shutterstock

These little tokens were supposed to bring good luck. But did they? No, because that’s superstitious. But they were stylish, charming and ubiquitous and cool nonetheless.

The Vintage Mobile Phone

vintage mobile phone (vintage style)

Image: Thawornnurak

Once the cutting edge of cell phone technology, now an absurd bulk of an object.

Magic Eye

Colorful zig zag pattern

Image: Bard Sandemose

If you stared into this kind of mesmerizing design long enough, hidden images might reveal themselves. In the process, you’d be revealing yourself to one serious headache.

The Slinky

Go, Slinky, go! A Slinky was immense fun on your stairs at home, or obnoxiously on the stairs of museums you’d rather not have been at. And even in science class. That is, until they became hopeless entangled in themselves.

VHS Tapes

Be kind, rewind.

Super Nintendo

Look, kids, these games were much harder than they seem. Believe it.

Tech Decks

The best thing about these mini skateboards was making the sound effects to go with grinding on tiny ledges.

Polaroid Cameras

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 02, 2015- Polaroid Supercolor 635 plastic camera for instant photos from the year 1980-1990

Image: Dmitry V. Petrenko

Instant self-development. If only we could all be just like that.

Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick

Image: Hurst Photo/Shutterstock

You got this as a present. You were super psyched. Then you let it collect dust in the garage for ten years before eventually throwing it out.

Beanie Babies

Weren’t these things supposed to be worth something after a few years? I want my money back.

Sony Walkman

90s CD Player

Image: Jeremy Swinborne

Although seemingly quite cumbersome in retrospect, whether sporting a cassette or a CD, this was how music was portable. And it was cool, too.

And that’s the way it was.