Amazing Father’s Day gifts he’d never expect

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Image- goodluz/shutterstock

Image- goodluz/shutterstock

Every celebration comes with its concerns, the type that force us to make decisions as to how best mark them. What fits best under the Christmas tree? What says happy birthday other than balloons and cake? What tells mum you love her better than red roses? What, other than chocolate, is best for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to go all commercial and say, “Fret not! Your days of worrying are over!” Father’s day is right around the corner. Your thought buds are probably going “What can I get dad that’s useful and that he’ll love?” Get your mind out of the wallets! Didn’t you get that last year? And no shaving sets either, he’s going to get that anyway. The key to nailing father’s day gifts this year is utility and originality. We’ve compiled a list. Trust me, he won’t see any of these coming.

Barbecue briefcase

Image- Amazon

Teikis® 20-Piece Deluxe Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set With Storage Case, $51.95

Everyone loves barbecue! Well, everyone I know.  This briefcase, in aluminum finish, contains twenty barbecue grilling tools, and a digital meat thermometer. Aside the utility of the tools, the portable storage briefcase solidifies it as a great companion for trips. It’s super stylish, no one would even guess it’s just tools inside.

Portable charcoal grill

Image- Amazon

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, $49.99
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this item was “brilliant, just brilliant!” With the Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill, you can, literally, go anywhere, grill anywhere. It’s portable and perfect for tailgate parties, camping, picnics, get-together’s etc. If he loves his meat, then get him this gift.

Desktop golf

Image- Amazon

New Entertainment Desktop Golf, $22.89

Dad’s an office guy? Dad loves golf? Dad’s simply playful at heart? Get him this entertainment desktop golf as a father’s day gift. He’d be on the golf course without having to leave his seat. It doubles as a decorative piece and could be a great companion during those long hours of conference calls.

UV light smartphone sanitizer

Image- Amazon

Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer, $48.99

Whether dad’s a doctor or someone who is generally concerned about sanitization, he’d love this smartphone sanitizer that also doubles as a charging dock.It is compatible with a variety of essential oils, to add a personalized scent to your mobile phones, and has mini charging cables for iPhone and Androids. It sterilizes your phone in just six minutes and works with other mini items such as keys and earphones. Bye bye nasty, flu-causing germs.

Log liquor dispenser

Image- Ohio woodworking shop

Log Liquor Dispenser, $98

This log liquor dispenser would make a perfect father’s day gift for the sophisticated dad. It’s made out of urban harvested Ohio hardwood trees, thus, each one is unique. It accommodates varying bottle sizes, and liquor is contained in a food and beverage safe tubing from the entry point to the brass spout. Drink with ease or in style, who says you can’t do both? Might as well, especially if it is expensive liquor.

USB cufflinks

Image- Amazon

USB Silver 8GB Flash Drive Memory Cufflinks with Magnetic Closure, $14.99

This is the perfect representation of function + fashion= awesome .There’s no losing with this one—he either likes the cuff-links or adores the handy 8GB USB flash drive. You score if he loves both. With this, he can easily save items from his computer, “off the cuff,” James bond style.

Multi-tool Collar Stay

Image- Amazon

Titan Multi-tool Collar Stays x2, $30

Aside helping dad’s collar stay in check, be it widespread, close spread or semi spread, this collar stay also functions as a screwdriver, thread cutter and bottle opener. It has a key chain hole and is lightweight, though stiffer than stainless steel. It’s a fun, unexpected accessory to use among a group of friends and, also, a perfect conversation starter.

Bluesmart smart luggage

Image- Amazon

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase, Connects to Your Smartphone on iOS/Android, $399

Although a bit pricey, this one is still my personal favorite; quite handy, especially if dad’s a frequent traveler. This smart luggage connects wirelessly to a smartphone, a feature that allows you to remotely locate, lock or weigh the luggage. Its built-in battery lets you charge your phone as much as six times and its mobile app gives you access to all your travel stats, itinerary and history. Even more, this suitcase can never get lost. It uses GPS technology to track your suitcase anywhere in the world, notifies you when you leave it behind and is set up to self-lock when you step away and self-unlock when you return. Traveling just got super easy.