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A DIY Flower Crown for the Bohemian Bride

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Here at Bridal Tune we think every bride needs a flower crown. Whether it’s for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or ceremony, you’re the center of attention, and you deserve a crown. What better way to celebrate summer’s colorful flowers than in a bohemian floral garland around your hair? If you do decide to use the crown for the ceremony, you can save money by skipping the hair appointment and just wearing your hair in loose curls or waves.


  • Florist wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Green accents (Boxwood, Fern, or Jamaican greens)
  • Flowers

When choosing florals, stick to flowers in bold colors, with lots of texture and dimension. For example, roses, dahlias, or zinnias are great options. See 21 Summer Flowers: What’s In Bloom? to get a better idea of your many seasonal options. For a more delicate crown choose smaller flowers. An easy way to create a dramatic flower crown is to choose three large flowers for the front and decorate the sides with smaller flowers. Don’t forget to incorporate your wedding color scheme!


  1. Before cutting a strand of floral wire, measure it around your head in a circular shape. You’ll want the crown to fit somewhat loosely so it simply rests on top of your head. Cut the wire once it’s measured and seal the crown with floral tape. Wrap the tape around several times so it’s secure.
  2. First select your greenery as a base to your flower crown. Wrap the greenery around the floral wire and seal with floral tape in the same spot as the first layer of tape.
  3. Choose which flowers you will add to the crown. Cut each flower stem so that it is three inches long. Wrap each stem to the crown where you wish for it to be placed using floral tape. Make sure to wrap the floral tape around the stem several times.
  4. You can vary the amount of flowers on the crown based on your style preferences. Some brides prefer a crown completely covered in flowers, while others simply want a few in the front with the remainder of the crown featuring greenery. Play around with several DIY crowns until you find the one that’s right for you.