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A Closer Look at Jennifer Nettles

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In the early days Jennifer Nettles was known for her role as the lead singer along with Kristian Bush in the group Sugarland. They were known primarily as a country music group and won awards such as the Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo of the Year several times. She also won a Grammy for best collaboration with Bon Jovi for “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” and a Grammy for best country song “Stay.”
Even before Sugarland she had her roots in music. Being born in Georgia she had exposure to the wonderful church music of the South. In 1999 she formed the Jennifer Nettle’s Band and they were the grand prize winners of ‘The Big Deal $100,000 dollar Music Search”.

Jennifer has done much for charity in terms of The American Cancer Society, and Relief for Haiti among several other organizations.

As I look back on this talented singer’s career two things stand out that lend themselves to her as a singer and a woman.

The one thing that solidified her as a singer besides all her hit records was a pre-Grammy nominations show that she appeared on with Lady Gaga in 2012. The song she sang with Gaga was “You and I” from Gaga’s Born This Way album.

As the song progressed it became a jam session. This usually comes about when two singers and musicians are really enjoying singing with each other. They then start to crank it up and have a give and take throwing verses back and forth to each other.

Because it’s so infectious the audience picks up on it for a raucous experience as the singers lay it all out for everyone to enjoy. When it was over I was so filled with excitement I was like a little child getting a gift that he or she really wanted. I don’t know how many times I said “Oh wow, that was awesome, what a performance, what a singer!”

The other thing that impressed me immensely was the way she handled her pregnancy with her son Magnus Hamilton Miller that was born in December of 2012.

During most of the nine months leading up to her pregnancy she continued to work and sing. I thought to myself as long as she can stay healthy that’s good. Her child will be born with a love of music. He had a front row seat in his mother’s womb hearing her sing to an audience and him.

The pregnancy showed that this lady singer had character along with being an awesome vocalist. Jennifer will go down in history as a singer for the ages.

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