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7 Minimalist Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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It takes a special kind of bride to be okay with a minimalist wedding. It takes an even more special bride to be okay with an almost all white minimalist wedding theme. But these beautiful ideas are sure to recruit a few converts to the less-is-more crowd.

Let the Venue Do the Work

It starts with the right venue, and once that’s taken care of you can concentrate on designing your theme. Like you can see in the picture above, having a reception venue brimming with charm and characters allows brides to keep the decor simple and tasteful, with crisp whites and organic greens setting the mood for this intimate wedding.

Stunning Less-is-More Cakes

Marbled wedding cakes aren’t the biggest trend right now, but they’re a spectacular and memorable way for brides to achieve a sophisticated and high-end look without going over the top. Understated and minimalistic, no one can go wrong with a marbled wedding cake.

Don’t Distract from the Bride

Because of the details, charm and character of these old wood floors, this bride was able to keep everything else bright and light. White slip covers, candles and organic greens allow the bride to be the star of her wedding, while also still wowing guests.

Keep it Simple and Keep it Seasonal

Who needs intricate piping and floral arrangements on her cake? Nobody, and this is how you can get away without those added costs and distractions. Fresh, seasonal fruits are the perfect way to keep your cake dressed down without losing that sense of completion and attention to detail.

Irregular Simplicity

The dimension here comes not from complementary colors or interesting fabrics, but rather it comes from the unique shape and size of each glass vase. Combine them with fresh white roses and you have the start to a very simple tablescape. This is totally DIY-friendly too.

Simple Romanticism

White candles in simple votives accented by deep green succulents and white rose petals are a can’t miss for your wedding. This romantic look is good throughout the year, so be sure to pin it and save this one for later.


This place setting is the epitome of minimalism. It’s crisp, fresh, simple and ridiculously elegant. The long sprig with the single Cymbidium Orchid is going to leave your guests breathless, and everyone in awe at how effortless you made it look.