7 jealousy inducing kitchens you’ll want to own

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7 Jealousy Inducing Kitchens You’ll Want To Own

It’s no secret that women have a thing for kitchens, there seem to be more “Kitchen” Pinterest boards than boards for any other room’s décor! If you are trying to decide what kitchen décor you want, this article is here to help.  Here’s 7 jealousy inducing kitchens you’ll want to own.  Use them to draw inspiration, and go ahead and drool.  No one is judging.

#1 Cottage Style

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This cottage style kitchen is ultra-feminine and has an old time feel that is very appealing to a lot of people.  This style might also be defined as “shabby chic.”  You’ll notice that the beautiful, delicate things in the home all look a bit antiqued, slightly aged but also stunningly intricate and beautiful.  The mixture of antique beauty and a bit of “rustiness” create a look that is cozy and inviting.

#2 Open Layout

This open layout look is chic, stylish and very modern.  It allows for a great deal of light and is ideal for homes with fantastic views. It is also a great choice for those who love to entertain. The one drawback to this type of kitchen is that, if it is messy – everyone knows. So, that’s worth considering if you would like a bit more privacy or if you prefer to be alone when you cook. However, that view is hard to beat and creates an open airy feel.

#3 Tuscan


This stunning kitchen has a rustic, but beautiful, ambiance that cannot be ignored.  The intricate designs of the rod iron paired with the rough, outdoorsy brick are nothing short of spectacular.  It’s the type of kitchen that will make you want to cook Italian food and uncork a bottle (or two) of red wine!

#4 Modern


Next we have an awe-inspiring room that is sleek, minimal and full of windows.  However, it still has a homey feel that makes it seem like a wonderful place to gather. Stainless steel and wood come together to create a balance and harmony that cannot be denied.

#5 White


White kitchens are always a great look.  But, they do get very dirty. Sometimes, white kitchens are best suited to those who are either extraordinarily neat or who do not cook incredibly often.  But, they certainly make a statement of simplicity and have a lightness that no guest will miss.

#6 Rustic

Rustic kitchens are very well suited to cabins, homes in the country, houses with wooded surroundings, etc.  But, they are also suited to anyone’s home – if you love the look and want to bring the rustic feel to you.  While it will look best in a home with a rustic design, overall, it is always a beautiful addition to a home.

#7 Traditional


A traditional kitchen like this one is usually airy and warm, features neutral colors and has the kitchen window above the sink. The island has a rich red-brown color to the wood that contrasts with the tan countertops beautifully. Then you have the light fixtures to add a stylish touch. This is one of the most popular choices for kitchen styles and offers a lot of counter space!

If one of these did induce a bit of jealousy, don’t worry, you can use that to guide you. Identify the look you love and draw inspiration from it. You can bring elements of your dream kitchen into reality by implementing them in your own home. Which one was your favorite? I have to go with the open layout myself!