58 Funniest Gifs Ever

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Some of our favorite things about the internet are hilarious gifs. . .because they’re funny and play on a continuous loop. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the 58 funniest gifs ever.

Let them eat cake.

Gurl, I am not yo pillow.

Bro, that was brotastic.

Take that, Lil’ Kim Jong Un

Cat finally meets its match.

This is why we don’t do cardio.

Puppies do the darnedest things.

Pretty sure that’s a red card.

Orange and white cats can’t jump.

We’re not going to caption this one. Nope. Just can’t.

Meanwhile the cat started a diet the next day.

It’s two for the price of one.

Further proof that cats care only about themselves.

Ugh, Windows.

Nothing says you need to get inside like a stop sign to the face.

…and he missed the shot.

Scientists now have a new theory on what caused dinosaurs to go extinct.

She’s too polite to say anything about the giant snot rocket dangling there.

This cat is obviously not a kid person.

Oh, no. It’s that guy.

I asked for chocolate!

It’s called karma, cats.

Taking a swim with the fishes.

Recovered like a boss.

Cruel, cruel owner.

Friends don’t let friends crash into the hand dryer. Oh, wait…

Spring-loaded kitten.

Don’t all parents feel like doing this sometime?

You’re going to need a bigger boat.

Tastes like chicken.

The best stink eye ever.

I’ll teach you to point at me.

What a potty mouth.

This is what genuine disbelief looks like.

Hopefully that wasn’t nature’s fertilizer.

A for effort.

What type of game are you playing?

That time you wish your dog hadn’t learned how to play fetch.

He meant to do that.

Ice bucket challenge fails.

This cat has guts.

Always had it under control.

It’s not that hard.

Dude, just no. No.

My spot, cat. Mine.

Oh, honey…

Elmo be like, “I’m done with this sh**.”

Kid on kid violence.

He grew up in Compton.

Oh, hell no.

AH! Human!

We feel so bad for her.

Never trust the laser pointer.

Will look stupid for treat.

Ha. Let’s all laugh at the Yankees.