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5 Wedding Gown Styles Every Short Girl Should Know About

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As any fashionista knows, figuring out how to dress for your body type is 95% of the battle to look good. Once you crack that code, you are sure to look ah-mazing pretty much 100% of the time. Of course, not everyone is choosing formal wear, in white, every day—so here are some ideas. Discover 5 Wedding gown styles every short girl should know about and you are sure to look amazing and glow on your wedding day!

A-Line Dress

An A-line dress tends to be fitted on top and then flare out gently from the waist to create a subtle A shape. It looks best on almost everyone. However, petite ladies should take care that the dress isn’t too poofy. Poof will ultimately drag you down and make you look shorter than you are. Also, women with large busts might not enjoy the ever popular strapless A-Line due to its lack of support.

Ball Gowns

A ball gown is a dress with a fitted bodice and a full bell-shaped floor-length skirt. It was created for formal events (i.e. balls). Generally, these dresses look best on tall ladies, so why do we mention them? Well, if you are a short woman with a large bust, chances are this type of gown won’t overwhelm your frame. Just be sure that it is altered to fit you—and that it is your favorite after trying several different styles of dress.

Ballerina Dress

This dress has a fitted bodice and a full, bell-shaped skirt that hits the mid-calf. It is less formal and very flirty. It looks great on short women with great calves and broad-shouldered women because it balances the upper and lower body. However, if you have thick ankles or calves this style might be best avoided.

Empire Waist Dress

An empire waistline starts just below the bust and gently drops or flares down to the floor. It is not a particularly full dress. It looks good on most slender body types and apple-shaped women. Try it out and check to be sure that it isn’t accentuating your belly, because the wrong cut may make you look preggers.


The mermaid dress is a sexy and sleek style that hugs the body to the hips and then flares out at the knee. The flare can be obvious or it can be subtle. This cut is perfect for the petite figure, especially petite ladies with an hourglass figure.


The princess dress is constructed of vertical panels of fabric and the skirt flares out gently. It is an elegant style that looks best on basically everyone. Short women should beware a skirt that is too full or it may make you look shorter. Also, it is a very girly style which may not suit everyone’s tastes.


A Sheath dress is modern, simple, and sleek. It hugs all of your curves, down to the floor. It is classy, and can be either simple or ornate. This dress is perfect for petite brides, but may not be good for anyone who is full-figured.


The slip dress was made popular in old Hollywood-it is a slink silk or satin gown that clings to the body. It is perfect for athletic brides.