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5 Warning Signs That You're Becoming A Bridezilla

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5 Warning Signs That You’re Becoming A Bridezilla

Your groom-to-be pretends to be napping or immersed in some idle handy work when you get home, and your yoga teacher has highly suggested that you come in for a few extra sessions. If this is you, we may already be too late. While the term “bridezilla” gets thrown around a lot during the wedding-planning process, how do you know that you’ve crossed the line into the dark side? Here are a few telltale signs, along with simple cures, for Zilla Fever.

Unrealistic Expectations

You have lofty plans of walking down a perfectly coiffed trail of white rose petals, you’re Googling peacock farms in your area to find pristine white foul, and you scream at the weatherman who reported there may be a 2% chance of rain on your big day. If you have over-the-top expectations for your wedding, it’s time to bring it down a notch. While your wedding day should be perfect, you need to keep your expectations and goals realistic—not to mention within budget.
Be open to the idea that things may not always go according to plan. But try your best and work closely with your wedding coordinator, florist, and other team members to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

You Eat, Breathe, & Sleep Wedding Plans

Your gravy boat decisions keep you up at night, as if your wedding’s success hinges on the decision between ceramic and stainless steel.
While it’s easy to get caught up in the planning process, it’s important to come up for air once in awhile. Make a pact with yourself to cut off wedding planning at a certain time each day or only work on wedding tasks specific days each week.

Your Groom, Parents, & Bridesmaids Have Taken Second Jobs To Afford Your Wedding

Yes, your wedding day can be lavish, but it’s important to set priorities and stick to a budget. You also need to be considerate of everyone in your wedding and consider their finances. Make a budget early on and decide where the money goes. If you want to have a grand cake, you may want to cut back elsewhere, such as on entertainment or a photographer.

Terrifying Tantrum

It doesn’t matter how much you pout your lip or bat your eyelashes, a tantrum is never attractive. If you can’t stop throwing your toys out of the pram, it’s time to take a step back and a much needed break. Book a mini spa day to relax, and remember to immediately apologize to anyone who saw the wrath of your strop.

Your Gym Is Your Best Friend

You’ve been attending spin classes twice a day and have resorted to a diet of air, water, and celery in order to lose those last five pounds. Anyone who tries to interfere with your “diet” will suffer.
It’s important to feel your best on your wedding day, but don’t jeopardize your health in the process. Attend the gym, eat healthy, but don’t go overboard.