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5 travel items You need to always overpack

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When you’re packing for a trip and you’re looking for handy tips and tricks, you’ll rarely find someone telling you to overpack your suitcase. Airlines have pretty much eliminated this problem by penalizing travelers who need to actually check a bag, and there is always limited trunk space for large suitcases on road trips, but there are some items you never want to run out of when you’re on vacation — and these are those items.


Socks get icky and dirty faster than pretty much any other article of clothing. Your feet sweat a lot more than you realize, and not changing your socks daily could lead to odor, fungal growth and infection. No thank you! Pack at least one extra pair of socks for every two days you’re traveling. Yes, this takes up precious cargo space quickly, but it’s better than trekking around all day in sweaty, smelly socks.


Whether it’s an over the counter pill or something your doctor prescribes, always pack more medication than you think you’ll need. Some things you can swing by a drug store and grab, like ibuprofen or antacids, but more niche medications or more expensive kinds can be both a hassle and expensive to replace.


Books, movies and board games all make great vacation entertainment, and while many people don’t anticipate curling up with a book on their vacations, sometimes weather or other circumstances cause us to sit back and relax instead of exploring. It’s times like that which justify carrying an extra book or downloading an extra movie.


Nobody likes a grumpy Gus when they’re on vacation, and being hungry causes most people to get a little bit hangry. This tip is especially helpful if you have kids — or are traveling with an adult who acts like a kid. Small things like granola bars or nuts are great for travel. Just skip anything that comes in a liquid form if you’re traveling by airplane, because they won’t make it through security.


This is a no brainer. Nobody wants to run out of underwear on vacation. Sure, you can wear your skivvies more than one day in a row, but considering the parts of the body these undergarments are worn to protect, it’s best to make sure you’ve got more than enough; it’s just sanitary.