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3 Pieces Of Technology That Could Change Your Life Or Make You Roll Your Eyes

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Gadgets and gizmos seem to be the norm in the 21st century. Since the invention of the home computer, it almost seems like new and useful technology comes out at warp speed. There’s always something promising to help us, to make our lives better, to speed up the process of something that now all of a sudden seems to be taking far too long to do. Everything from workouts to food preparation, the next best thing on the market gives you some form of guarantee that it can help you do what its competitors promise, only in half the time and for far less money.

We as a society eat up infomercials, celebrity endorsements and invest so much time, money and effort into bettering ourselves, one upping our neighbors, and trying desperately to stay current, relevant and in the loop on just about every piece of technology that is unveiled. Now, there are a large number of technological advances that live up to their claims, just look at the smartphone, the fitness tracker or the Apple watch for example. These fancy new age gadgets do a plethora of things that actually better us or boost our health and well-being in some way.

However, with that said, with every one of these successful and long lasting pieces of technological flare, there are others that simply do not work, and some that fly under the radar simply because of what they’re made to do or the way in which they’re designed. So, we are here to unearth just a few strange and unorthodox items that you may not have heard of, but that actually do succeed in making your life just that little bit easier.

BetterBack Support Belt

With back pain being among the top reasons for most adults to miss work or to have any need to see a physician on a regular basis, the amount of gadgets out there that promise to help improve the condition of the spine and the back are numerous. Millions of Americans are forced to sit anywhere from six to nine hours a day on average, and the makers of the BetterBack have taken a fresh new approach to helping ease the pain that comes with being so sedentary. Although quite bulky, and a little odd looking, this support belt can help to adjust posture as you sit, and using it for just 15 minutes a day has been shown to improve overall alignment, reduce slouching and ease pain. At first glance, it may be easy to confuse the piece with a weightlifters belt, and wearing it over your nice work attire may be a little strange, but its unique design that sees straps fasten to the knees as well as the band around the back, force the pelvis and the spine to remain aligned in perfect position as you work. It folds neatly and even has its own carrying case, with an average price of $60, it may be worth a try.


It seems that just about everything has Wi-Fi built in, or can somehow connect to the internet for easy use. Well, now even your newborn can be plugged into the World Wide Web. The Pacif-i looks and acts just like a regular pacifier, and the babies that are fitted with one are none the wiser as to its technological abilities. This high-tech piece of equipment when synced to your phone via its built in Bluetooth allows you to monitor your baby’s temperature, it gives off the pacifier’s exact location, and parents are even alerted when it is left behind or is out of the baby’s mouth for an extended period of time. This ingenious invention allows parents to monitor their children all while letting them sleep or play peacefully, without the need for actual hands on monitoring. With the idea that parents can have more time to do other things, get work done, or just rest, the Pacif-I may be revolutionizing the industry.

Pajama Warming Pouch

It may be safe to say that the large majority of us don’t enjoy sleeping in a cold bed, let alone cold clothing. Well, now the cold clothing issue is no more, as the Pajama Warming Pouch has been created to keep your nighttime wear warm. This heated pouch designed to hold your pajamas is designed with its own integrated heating system that can reach up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as its own thermal interior that helps to retain the heat. In just 10 minutes, clothing is warm and ready to wear; with a price point of $40, the cold winter nights may not be so bad after all.