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24 Incredibly Racist Vintage Ads

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racist yum yum apples ad

Image: VintageAdBrowser

Ah, racism, it never really dies. Luckily it’s not nearly as blatant today as it has been for much of the past. If you want proof, just take a look at all of these racist vintage advertisements. Do you think any of them would be acceptable today?

Be sure to let us know which one is the worst in the comments below.

racist watermelon ad

Image: vintageadbrowser

Racist epithet? Yup. Offensive stereotype? Yup. Horribly racist pun? Yup. This is like a home run for racism.

shredded wheat ad

Image: copyranter.blogspot

So, in some ways this ad is complimentary to the Japanese people. Sadly that compliment is based on misinformation and the derogatory use of a shortened version of Japanese.

racist war propaganda

Image: Vintageadbrowser

Yeah, we get it, we were at war with Japan at the time. It still doesn’t make this any less racist.

racist uncle remus ad


Because of course black people couldn’t use proper English. *eye roll*

Racist Van Heusen ad

Image: Vintageadbrowser

Because only a savage wouldn’t wear something made by an incredibly racist company.

racist picaninny freeze ad


As delicious as watermelon ice cream sounds, we wouldn’t buy from a company who is this obvious in its prejudice.

racist rice council of america ad

Image: VintageAdBrowser

Yes, we have. Oh, and the Chinese also eat things other than rice.

racist pears' soap ad


Oh, so black people only need to use your brand of soap and they’ll magically be white? And white is better!

No. Just no.

racist pears' soap ad 2


The white man’s burden is that we’ll eventually have to own up to our racist past.

racist hires ad


Oh, a black man serving white folks using broken English. How original…

racist jell-o ad


The words “this” and “over” are apparently very difficult to pronounce.

racist maxwell house ad

Image: vintage-ads.livejournal

That’s the worst example of blackface we’ve ever seen.

racist gold dust twins ad


We’re just shaking our heads. We do have to give it to them for the Wright/Right Brothers pun.

racist fashion publicity company ad

Image: Vintageadbrowser

This ad, besides being racist, doesn’t even make sense.

racist flit ad

Image: vintageadbrowser

Because the illiterate black woman trope isn’t tired enough…

racist friskies ad

Image: vintageadbrowser

It’s authentic because it has feathers in it. And you know, all American Indians wore the same type of headdress. Duh!

racist fritos ad


Cliché appearance? Yup! Cliché mispronunciation of a common word? Youbetcha.

racist general electric sink ad

Image: Vintageadbrowser

It’s so nice of your to give the help some help. Oh, and if you’re poor it’s good for you too, lady whose husband is the breadwinner so of course she stays home all day and does the dishes, because apparently he’s incapable.

Racism and sexism in one ad! Kudos, GE. Kudos.

racist Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco

Image: Vintageadbrowser

Obscenely racist caricatures are nothing new.

racist canadian patriotic fund


We don’t even know where to begin.

racist elliott's white veneer ad


Again with the offensive caricatures. Really, we get it.

racist fairy soap ad

Image: VintageAdBrowser

Implying that black people are dirty is very classy.

racist bobb's bar ad


Nobody in the office here at Fanboy Report could figure out what the fuck this ad is even saying. No. Fucking. Clue.