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19 Ugliest Celebrity Hairstyles

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Brad Pitt ugly beard glasses and hat

Image: Likes

It’s hard to believe that celebrities who have access to top hair stylists could ever have a bad hair day, but these celebs had more than just a bad hair day. They flaunted these obnoxious looks for months, and for some, even years. Whether it’s a one-time red carpet disaster or a permanent ‘do, these celebrities got it all wrong when it came to style.

Miley Cyrus short blonde haircut

Image: Fan Share

Remember when Miley Cyrus looked like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.

Mariah Carey, they gave Deb this look in Napoleon Dynamite for a reason…

Oh, honey

Yeahhh, we’re going to go with Team Jacob.

Drew Barrymore has been busy cleaning floors.

*Silently cocks head to side in confusion.*

We had a hard time picking due to her many hair disasters, but we figured this had to be one of the worst.

Kelly Osbourne

Image: Mirror

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way—from drastic makeup and hair like this to Fashion Police and reporting the red carpet during the recent VMAs.

Kristen Stewart short black hair

Image: Mirror

Just like the guy in the background, we’re a little stunned by how little effort Kristen Stewart puts in her hair.

Gwen Stefani bad hair buns

Image: Zimbio

She’s mirroring our reaction.

Brad Pitt ugly beard glasses and hat

Image: Likes

Sorry Brad Pitt, but there’s just nothing attractive about this.

Scarlett Johansson bad mullet hair

Image: Dose

Scarlett Johansson bringing the mullet back…except not really.

Nicki Minaj with bad green and blue hair

Image: Dose

Cheetah Nicki Minaj.

Rusell Brand

Image: Complex

Russell Brand’s hair came with his facial expression.

Rihanna red chili bowl buzz cut

Image: Dose

Rihanna just gave a whole new meaning to the chili bowl.

While not drastic, Nicolas Cage’s hair (or lack of) has always made us cringe.

Justin Timberlake, we will never forget your Ramen noodle hair.

Come on, we would never forget Donald Trump.