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17 Celebrities We Wish Weren’t Dead

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alan rickman

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The beginning of this year saw a lot of great stars taken from us. This got us thinking about some of the other stars that were taken too soon. Whether it’s because they might have made more great movies, or they just seemed like cool people, these are some stars we miss.

Paul Walker

paul walker

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Paul Walker broke into the spot light with his role in The Fast and the Furious. Whether your a fan of the movies or not, you have to admit that he brought a quiet intensity to the role that made the movies what they are. In addition, he was heavily involved in a number of charities to help people who were disadvantaged. Walker was killed in 2013 when he was riding in a car driven way too fast by another person. His death left us wondering what awesome movies he might have made if he had lived longer.

Tupac Shakur

tupac shakur

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Assuming you accept that he is dead, which is not what everyone thinks, the loss of one of the most significant rappers in history. The pioneer of West Coast Gangster rap died after being shot several times. He was in a feud with Biggie Smalls making him a suspect in Tupac’s murder. His murder was never conclusively solved and remains a mystery, as does what kind of music he could have produced if he had lived longer.

River Phoenix

river phoenix


A popular child star of the 80’s, River Phoenix starred in movies like “Stand By Me” and “My Own Private Idaho”. He was regarded as a very talented actor and had even been nominated for a oscar for best supporting actor. Phoenix OD’ed on Heroin outside a private club in LA in 1993. His death put an end to what was a promising career.

Richard Nixon

richard Nixon

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Ole Tricky Dick is remembered as a forceful and effective, if hopelessly corrupt politician. It may surprise you to see him on this list, but what if Nixon was still around to give his take on current politicians like Trump. At the least it would be entertaining.

Kurt Cobain

kurt cobain

NETHERLANDS – NOVEMBER 25: HILVERSUM Photo of Kurt COBAIN and NIRVANA, Kurt Cobain recording in Hilversum Studios, playing Takamine acoustic guitar (Photo by Michel Linssen/Redferns)

The front man for Nirvana, Cobain is the most famous creators of the grunge scene. He achieved a level of fame quickly that he never really wanted, which exacerbated his issues with depression. He took his own life at 27 after a long battle with addiction and mental health problems. The few albums he produced during his short career hint at a developing genius that needed more time to be fully realized. Who knows what might have happened if he had that time.

David Bowie

david bowie


Another icon who died this year, Bowie was a boundary breaking musician whose work transcended genres from soul to funk to rock. His music and philanthropic work made him a international icon, beloved by many. His death from cancer left a hole in the lives of many fans who miss him terribly.

Richard Pryor

richard pryor

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Richard Pryor was a stand up comedian who transitioned from funny guy to militant spokesman for social justice. Besides being hilarious, he stood up for what was right. The later years of his career were marked by drug issues that ultimately resulted in Richard being set on fire. Although he recovered, he was eventually diagnosed with MS. He spent his final days struggling with the disease before dying in 2005.

Heath Ledger

heath ledger


Heath Ledger went from teen heartthrob in movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, to serious actor in roles like Brokeback Mountain. Ledger’s final role was an incredible performance as the Joker in The Dark Night Rises. Ledger began taking prescription drugs to help him sleep, and it was an overdose of these drugs that eventually killed him. His death deprived us of someone who might have achieved a great legacy in the field of acting.

John Belushi

john belushi

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John Belushi was a comedian who headed some of the funniest movies of all time like Animal House and Blue’s Brothers. Belushi’s legacy as a comedian was cut short by a fatal drug overdose. His death robbed the public of the hilarious films that Belushi might have made.

Patrick Swayze

patrick swayze

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Patrick Swayze was just a really cool dude. He could dance, fight, play hockey, and all with an effortless rugged tough guy persona. He made some great movies, but his death from cancer prevented the release of other great films he might have done.

Bernie Mack

bernie mac

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Bernie Mac achieved success relatively lately. He won a comedy search at 34 and turned it into a successful career. Besides being funny, he had a kind of cool demeanor about him that we miss. Bernie died from a complication of pneumonia.

Jim Henson

Jim henson

Image: Alan Light/Flickr

Jim Henson brought joy to a generation of people as the man behind the Muppets. His death was quick and unexpected, being the result of catastrophic complications to a strep throat. His legacy continues to live on through his creations.

Chris Farley

chris farley

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Chris Farley had an oversized personality to match his physique. His hilarious characters left a permanent mark on American comedy. His death from a drug overdose left a hole in the fabric of Hollywood.

George Carlin

george carlin

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George Carlin was a stand up comedian whose acerbic, biting commentary on modern life shed some light on how absurd some of our modern conventions are. Carlin’s absence makes us realize how much we needed his voice, now more than ever.

Alan Rickman

alan rickman

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Alan Rickman’s distinctive voice led an air of dread to characters like Professor Snape and Hans Gruber. His roles as villians hid the real gentle demeanor he displayed in real life. His death from cancer has been hard on fans everywhere.

Roddy Piper

roddy piper youtube

Roddy Piper lived a story that was common to many wrestlers. Depression, injury, and drug addiction left him in permanent ill health. His character of Rowdy Roddy Piper transcended the ring to become known throughout America. Some of his hilarious cameos on shows in his later days make his loss all the more difficult to deal with.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee was not just a bad-ass villian in movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He was just as hardcore in real life, serving as a spy during World War II. It was an experience he called on during his acting career. In fact he once got Peter Jackson to change the sound effect of a man being stabbed on film because he knew from personal experience that it wasn’t realistic. Lee was super cool and will be missed.