11 Signs You’re a Basic B*tch (and It’s Totally OK!)

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Basic b*tches are everywhere these days – and we’re partly to blame. We’ve been playing Taylor Swift’s 1989 on repeat, have purchased our fair share of pumpkin-spiced products (truth: we went into a small panic seeing all the pumpkin-flavored items at Trader Joe’s), and truly try to live life like Beyoncé. After giving the basic-b*tch terminology some serious thought, we concluded it’s almost more basic to attempt not to be basic, if that makes any sense. Because if rocking out to “Shake It Off,” having an affinity for putting things in mason jars, and enjoying rosé with your friends mean you’re a basic bitch, then sign us up! On Allison: Cameo the Label dress, Chinese Laundry shoes

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