Tomi Lahren And Trevor Noah Faced Off On The Daily Show

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Right Wing pundit, Tomi Lahren,  and host of the left-leaning Daily Show, Trevor Noah, officially had a meeting last night on air, and it’s attracting quite a bit of attention. The bi-racial host invited Lahren (who is white) onto the show to discuss racism in America, and particularly the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lahren herself was aware of how hostile the audience likely would be to her and mentioned she felt like she was in the lion’s Den. But to his credit, Noah was able to keep the conversation more or less unbiased and it didn’t seem like the crowd was ganging up against Lahren too often.

But that’s not to say that Noah pulled his punches either. He criticized some of Lahren’s comments on her show. Specifically, he made a point that for someone who isn’t racist, she spends a lot of time declaring that she isn’t racist.

And he also criticized her comments comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK, saying that to say that minimizes the racial divide that organizations like the KKK created, and is especially hurtful when the KKK is still around. Essentially he asked why the KKK wouldn’t be the KKK of today?

Lahren countered that simply criticizing a movement of African-American is not the same as criticizing the people in the movement.

Either way, it was a pretty engaging show and people are saying that Noah might finally have found his unique voice in the late night show landscape. You can see the whole thing here.

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