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Things you missed in the world of tech this week

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The only thing that is constant in life is change. It is a known, fact that the world is daily presented with technological innovations, most, applaudable, some, possible of improving the lifestyle of mankind, saving it even should the need arise. Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tech this week.

Hacker fights ISIS with porn and gay-pride messages

In wake of the Orlando mass murder, a hacker, whose identity and location remains unknown, has embarked on a self-appointed  social media campaign where he hacks the accounts of known terrorist groups and utilizes them to post messages that reflect gay pride and patriotism. Till date, the hacker, who goes by the named “Wauchula ghost”, has overtaken over 250 accounts linked to ISIS members, initially posting pornography to humiliate of the ISIS member but more recently, gay pride messages as a response to the ongoing terrorist events.  Wauchula ghost claims to have received death threats by a number of ISIS members but none of these fazes him. Hacking is his own innovative way of defending the innocent lives that have been lost. His latest tweet on former pro Jihadist twitter page reads,“Hello World. It’s time I share with you a little secret…I’m Gay and Proud!!”

Apple gets patent for wrap around screen

Image: CNN

Apple just launched its ios 10 and just as the world was still reveling over the amazing features it came with, it has announced its ownership of the patent for a wrap around phone. The 360 degree wrap around screen is expected to display content and play games  on all sides of the phone. Physical buttons which were previously situated on the sides of older models would now become virtual and expandable. There is no information as to when or for what model this patent will be used.

Chinese build world fastest computer from scratch


The Chinese have built a super computer, the Sunway Taihu light, from scratch, making use of their domestic chip technology. This computer, now being declared the world fastest, utilizes 1.3 petabytes of memory, 15.3 megawatts of power and  is capable of performing 93 quadrillion calculations per second (93 petaflops). The wake of this achievement has spurred a growing concern of the possibility of what could be done, should this technology fall into the wrong hands. In April 2015, in order to protect national security and foreign interest, the US banned the exportation of high performance computing chips to China, with claims that the Tianhe 1A a previously constructed super computer had been utilized for nuclear explosive activities (The ban was  what made china to resort to creating domestic chips). Super computers could be both beneficial and detrimental, however, China maintains that the Taihu Light will be used for beneficial purposes including but not limited to life science and earth system modeling.

Blue Origin company successfully crash tests space tourism capsule

Image – Blue Origin

Blue  Origin, a privately funded aerospace manufacturing and space-travel service company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo has successfully landed its fourth  unmanned space tourism capsule in Texas. The goal of the company is to be a pioneer in affordable space tourism by offering ordinary members of the public rides to suborbital space for a certain fee, The inclusion of the private sector in the space tourism market they believe would make space travel cheaper. Blue Origin intends to conduct its first trip with passengers included within the next two years.


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