Stocking stuffers for your pets

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Image: Liliya Kulianionak / Shutterstock

It used to be only the crazy cat ladies who got Christmas presents for their pets. You know the type; old spinsters with more cats than pieces of furniture in the house, and each cat has a name and personality and its own gift. But this quirky habit is becoming more and more normal in recent years. Now, we refer to our pets as “fur-babies”, and as such, they deserve Christmas presents just as much as our children or friends do. Maybe you’re new to this trend and aren’t sure what to get your favorite pet for Christmas. Check out the ideas below for items to put in your dog or cat’s stocking this year. Still need a stocking? Amazon has got you covered.

Gifts for your dog

  • Dog cookies: Doesn’t man’s best friend deserve a special treat for the holiday? Nowadays, you can find stores or specialized bakeries to find the perfectly decorated sweet treat for Fido that is completely safe for him to ingest.
  • Sweater: In some states, it can be too cold for your dog, even if they have thick fur. Consider getting them a doggy sweater for their pet stocking. The styles, designs, and pattern possibilities are endless.
  • Grooming tools: Get your dog a new brush for that matted fur, a new pair of toenail clippers, or some shampoo. Dogs like to look good for holidays, too, you know.
  • Tennis balls or chew toys: This one is obvious. What dog doesn’t love to play?
  • Rawhide: Give your dog something to chew on besides the Christmas ham. They even have festive candy cane-shaped rawhide.
  • Harness: Find a fun harness that will make walks more enjoyable, and will be easy to detect in the snow if your dog happens to get loose.
  • Training treats: You can teach an old dog new tricks if you have some tasty treats nearby.

Gifts for your cat

  • Cat teaser: It’s basically a fishing pole with some brightly colored feathers and strings on the end, so you can play with your cat without getting your hand scratched. Win- win!
  • Catnip: This product for pet stockings will entertain your feline friend for hours. You can buy it on its own or place it inside a toy.
  • Grooming tools: Sure, cats are excellent groomers, but sometimes they need help. Get a specialized cat brush, some dental treats for healthy teeth, or a good flea shampoo. Your beauty conscious cat will thank you.
  • Name Tag: What if little Mr. Whiskers gets outside accidentally, and there’s no identification on him? Use this holiday to invest in a new nametag with your contact info on the back, and perhaps a new collar to go with it.
  • Toy fish or mice: Basically anything with bright colors and “swattable” materials will catch your cat’s eye.
  • Jingle collar or collar with a bell: This will alert you when your cat is nearby so it can’t sneak up on you, or any unsuspecting birds. If your cat has been bringing you too many rodent offerings, a bell collar will inhibit their predatory skills.

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